FIFA 23: The absence of Olympiakos and the concerns in the Greek market

FIFA 23: The absence of Olympiakos and the concerns in the Greek market
FIFA 23: The absence of Olympiakos and the concerns in the Greek market

Many question marks about what we will see in this year’s EA game. Gazzetta has gathered all the information and presents it to you.

We are a little more than a month before its release FIFA 23 and a post by her EA at the end of last week it was enough to cause an uproar in our country. The well-known company published on its official site all the national teams and clubs that will be included in this year’s football videogame and the most observant Greek friends of FIFA spotted two very important absences, those of Olympiakou and her Nationalof our group. As was logical, the reactions on social media were immediate, however it seems that this is a natural evolution of how EA sees our country in general.

FIFA 23 – Olympiacos: The Chronicle

Let’s start things from the beginning and record all the information that we have managed to gather all these days. Upon first reading the list on Thursday night it was almost certain that it was a mistake. THE Olympic, in addition to the commerciality and recognition inside and outside the Greek borders, it also has the most fans in our country, thus more potential buyers of the title. Besides, during all the years that EA incorporated Greek clubs into its football franchise, Olympiacos was always there.

So as it seems, with the data that exists at the moment, the two sides (EA and Olympiacos) did not renew their cooperation and that’s how we came to have FIFA 23 one less Greek team. The timing is strange, however, as EA is at a pivotal point for its football videogame series. It is recalled that FIFA 23 is the last to carry the name of the World Football Federation in its title, as from next year the series is renamed to EA Sports FC. At the present time, EA is trying in every way to “shout” how strong it is in all markets where football has millions of fans, posting messages of support from clubs that will follow it in its next step.

In such a period, therefore, one would consider it self-evident that in countries like Greece (which do not have their leagues integrated, despite the many years of community efforts in relevant votes), the EA would at least want to secure the “strong cards”. Phew…

The Greek market knew nothing

EA has been showing for a few years now that the Greek market is not its priority. Its titles are displayed only by the stores themselves, advertising budgets have been limited to the absolutely necessary, there is absolutely no interest in having the presentations of its titles ready in the sectoral media before their release and in general it shows that it treats Greece as … necessary evil. And what has followed from Thursday night onwards is not just by chance.

According to his information Gazzetta, both EA partners and retail store managers were unaware of this FIFA 23 content development! That is, the people who have to promote and make sure that as many copies of a game as possible are sold in the country, did not know a month before its official release that the most popular Greek football team will not be offered to gamers. And they learned it along with everyone else! With the pre-orders already started for a few days, managers in Greek retail chains expressed to Gazzetta their concern about the course of the process, but also possible cancellations by fans who will definitely not be able to enjoy this year’s games with their favorite team (or their favorite opponent).

It should also be noted that FIFA remains even today one of the most commercial videogames in the territory, both in physical form (through retail stores) and through the digital copies that players obtain from the relevant platforms (e.g. Origin, PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Nintendo Shop).

The next day for Olympiakos and FIFA 23

What can happen now? With the data we currently have in our hands, Olympiacos will not be in the title and the only way to have a change of scenery is to make a later (new) agreement between the two sides (in view of the new era of the videogame franchise ) and then the champion of Greece to appear in the title through some relevant update.

The paradox of the case, however, is that Olympiacos appears in the football videogame eFootball 2023 of Konami, even in the form of cards, with its logo and its football players, but also the current sponsors. In other words, Konami ensured the cooperation with the team of Piraeus, even at a time when it no longer promotes its football game strongly and offers it for free to all fans, while it has been in a disadvantageous position in the Greek market for some years, which was one of the last castles of the Pro Evolution Soccer series in Europe.

For the part of the National team, there is not the slightest information until the moment this text is written. The Gazzetta will continue to monitor the issue and will return with a detailed report as soon as there is any development.

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