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Slovenia – Kazakhstan (20/11/23, 21:45)

Slovenia – Kazakhstan (20/11/23, 21:45)
Slovenia – Kazakhstan (20/11/23, 21:45)

Kazakhstan ANALYSIS

The Kazakhs are invited to throw one last dice, for the miracle of directly qualifying for the final phase of the Euro, for the first time in their history.

On Friday, Antiev’s side did their duty against unheralded San Marino, winning relatively easily 3-1, although the third goal came from the penalty spot in stoppage time.

Combined with the defeat of the Slovenians, they came within a point of the 2nd privileged position and now traveled to Ljubljana to play it all for everything, of course only wanting the double to get that golden ticket.

It is reminded that if they do not succeed in the end, there is also a second chance, through the Nations League, where Greece will await them in March in a knockout match in New Philadelphia.

Kazakhstan REPORT

“We are ready to… surprise our opponents. Throughout the process we showed that we can fight any opponent,” said coach Antiev.

The loss of captain/midfielder Zainudinov, the Kazakhs’ top player, is significant.

Defender Beisebekov and Tagibergen midfielders Zarinbetov and forward Susenachev are also absent in relation to previous calls.

On the opposite side, defender Valiulin and midfielders Kanesov, Byshebekov, a new face and forward Prokopenko returned.


GOALKEEPERS: Igor Chatsky (Sakhter Karaganda), Bekan Sayzada (Ordabasi), Danil Ustimenko).

DEFENDERS: Serhi Malgi (Ordabasi), Temirlan Erlanov (Ordabasi), Baghdan Khairov (Tobol), Ruslan Valyulin (Tobol), Yan Vorogovsky (Astana), Alexander Marochkin (Astana), Timur Dosmagabetov (Astana), Marat Bystrov (Ahmad Grozny) , Alibek Kasim (Aktobe), Nurali Alip (Zenit), Erkin Tapalov (Kizilzar), Lev Skvortsov (Khimki).

MIDFIELDERS: Ramazan Orazov (Koper), Maxim Samorodov (Aktobe), Arman Kanesov (Aktobe), Aslan Darabayev (Astana), Abzal Baishebekov (Astana), Islabek Kuat (Astana), Alexander Zhugev (Beograd), Islam Chesnokov (Tobol), Maxim Fedin (Ordabasi).

ATTACKERS: Abat Aybetov (Astana), Ivan Sviridov (Shakhter Karaganda), Vycheslav Svirev (Kairat).

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