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We’re getting straight into the grilling of Sunday’s (11/12/23) predictions. From the 22nd of October onwards, when we returned from the break of the National teams. West Ham have won six games. Three in the league, two in Europe and a demanding one in the League Cup with Arsenal. In the same period, Nottingham have played half of the times, even coming out just once away from their base. At first reading, the data shows a home team much more overworked, even if at Premier League level, many matches are a common phenomenon.

Second fact I want to note about the match is Vlachodemos. The Greek keeper could turn out to be one of the top signings Nottingham has made in recent years. With Champions League experience and at an excellent footballing age. The 29-year-old made his debut at home with Aston Villa and was one of the most decisive for his team. He kept a clean sheet, although Villa reached 1.35 xGoal in the match.

At 4.10 the double for Nottingham on Fonbet, I’ll take the risk on a Premier League Sunday bet.

Sticking with the teams that had Europe in midweek, I’m also keeping the ace in Lance-Marseille at a price of 2.29. Lance played Tuesday night in Eindhoven, while Marseille played Thursday in Athens. H AEK is a team that puts a lot of pressure on the opponent, forcing them to go into high-intensity games. Marseille have faced AEK twice in recent weeks and had a tough game against Lille in between. In addition, they will be forced into a second away game in just a few days.

I close with Holland, Utrecht-Excelsior. Two teams that started the season with different goals and found themselves… elsewhere. The home team, aiming for the high places and the exit to Europe, made a tragic start and was led to coach change. He’s finally finding his footing with a frame of unbeaten games. Two league wins and a Cup qualification in that time. Excelsior with a start beyond all expectations but a belly sample at last. On the 1the of October the last win, while it was bad in the last away games. In Folendam she lost 3-1 conceding 20 finals, while in Fitese she got a lucky X with her opponent having 21 finals. At 1.97 the ace combo bet with over 1.5 goals at Betshop with a new introductory offer* with triple gifts*.

Sunday Predictions (12/11/23) – MY GAME

Duo fo Betshop

OLL1 12/11 –21:00 Utrecht – Excelsior, 1 & Over 1.5 (1.97)

GAL1 12/11 –21:45 Lance – Marseille, 1 (2.29)

In the pair of performance 4.51 bet 5.6 units


AGG1 12/11 –16:00 West Ham – Nottingham Forest 2 (4.10) by 6.1 points on Fonbet

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