Aris – Panathinaikos 65-75: Passed through fire and iron from “Alexandreio”

Aris – Panathinaikos 65-75: Passed through fire and iron from “Alexandreio”
Aris – Panathinaikos 65-75: Passed through fire and iron from “Alexandreio”

Panathinaikos managed to get past “Alexandreio” by narrowly beating the tough Aris (65-75) before the “devil’s week” of the Euroleague and the two matches in OAKA against Zalgiris and Virtus Bologna.

After the… party in Berlin and the away win at Euroleague opposite to AlbaThe Panathinaikos had a difficult test in Thessaloniki against Mars.

In less than 48 hours he had to face a team famous for its good and strong defense, on the edge of the foul. He may have struggled, he may have had to charge in the 3rd quarter until he found a double-digit safety “cushion”, but the result counts. And that was none other than the victory with which he also maintained his unbeaten streak (6-0) in Basketball League shortly before the “devil’s week” of OAKA and the games with opponents Zalgiris and the Virtues.

The 11-23 of the 3rd period was what he gave to Panathinaikos the victory, with Luka Vildosa to make the difference by having 9 points and 7 steals, them Lessor (14p.) and Mitoglou (13p., 9rib.) to “fill” the rackets and the Jerian Grant to have another “full” appearance (9p., 9as.)

The match: Aris – Panathinaikos

THE Kostas Antetokounmpo he was the one who took the most initiatives in the first five minutes of the game and having 6 points and 4 rebounds in the first four minutes of the game, he brought Panathinaikos ahead with a score of 2-9. And having forced his players John Castritis to four errors in a short period of time.

The “green” +7 remained until 8′ but his entrance Toliopoulos gave the home team the long shot and with an 8-0 run by the home team, the quarter ended at 15-14. In this period, the “yellows” had 5/12 shots (2/6 two-pointers, 3/6 three-pointers, 2/2 shots), 6-0 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 steals and 4 errors, while Panathinaikos tallied 5/9 2-pointers, 1/6 3-pointers, 1/2 shots, 7-4 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals and 5 turnovers!

Nan didn’t start the game well as he was again hitless as he went 0/4 inside the guys (0/2 2-pointers, 0/2 3-pointers) as a result of which he was quickly retired again to the bench. His team Ataman started the 2nd period with a 5-0 run for 15-19 however his answer Mars it was immediate! With her own 7-0 run she not only immediately returned to the match but also took the lead for the first time with 23-19 at 14′.

It was obvious that Mr Mars he had managed the match thanks to his aggressive defense, as he was not giving… anything easy to Panathinaikos. Until the end of the half, the match went “one for you and one for me” and ended with the hosts having the marginal lead with 33-32. THE Toliopoulos with 11 points and the impressive Bankston who offered tremendous phases with another 10 points were the best for his team John Castritis.

Overall, in the first half of the match, Mars had 9/18 two-pointers, 4/9 three-pointers, 3/5 shots, 11-2 rebounds, 7 assists, 5 steals and 6 errors while respectively Panathinaikos he had 8/16 2-pointers, 4/12 3-pointers, 4/8 shots, 13-8 rebounds, 11 assists, 5 steals and 8 turnovers. In fact, out of the 11 assists of the “greens”, seven were by his hand Jerian grant, who was also the most reliable player of his team during this time. The show was stolen by the impressive play that Aris made with only 0.5” left in the half, with Katsiveli to serve the ball exactly where he wanted Bankston for the alley oop nail that brought Aris ahead in the score with 33-32.

THE Panathinaikos he entered the second half better, finding solutions against his defense Mars. This had the effect of starting with individual 4-11 and taking a 37-43 lead at 23′. Lessor and Grant they were the ones who had taken the first word in their team’s offensive actions, while at the same time the guests had raised the tension in defense.

The difference reached +10 (42-52) for the first time in the 28th minute with Luca Bulldozer to dramatically increase its performance. Shortly before the 3rd quarter, he also reached +11 (44-55) after a three-pointer by Sluka which was to be the score at the end of the period. The 3rd period ended with Panathinaikos to have 13/25 two-pointers, 7/18 three-pointers while o Mars 14/25 2-pointers and 4/11 3-pointers.

THE Mars with a 7-0 run turned 46-57 into 53-57 in the 33rd minute with Galinat to be the one who was going to “detach” his team in scoring. The “greens” could not be effective in the attack with only four points in five minutes (55-59 at 35′). At this point he returned Bulldozer on the floor for him Panathinaikos, as the Kendrick Nan he couldn’t offer anything to his team during the time he played.

With his 7-0 streak Panathinaikou by the hand Mitoglou, the difference returned to +10 for the “clover” (55-65) four minutes before the end of the match, while it jumped to +13 (55-68) in the 37th minute. Basically game over somewhere there. Aris “picked up” the difference in the end, but there was no follow-up.

WHERE JUDGED: In the 3rd quarter when Panathinaikos found three three-pointers in a row from Vildosa and Sluka, Lessor was influential in both rackets, resulting in the individual score being 11-23 and the “greens” being at +11.

BEST OF ALL: Excellent match from Luca Vildosa on both sides of the floor. He was responsible for his team taking an 11 point lead in the 3rd quarter and bringing the lead back to double digits in the final period by calming his team down. He tallied 9 points, 7 steals, 2 rebounds and 1 assist in 28 minutes.

THEY EXPECTED MORE: Bad match from Harel and Sanogo, while Bohorides didn’t help either.

COMPETITORS IN VICTORY: Jerian Grant was the player for all jobs, finishing the match with 9 points, 9 assists, Dinos Mitoglou “spoke” at the end (13 points, 9 rebounds) while Lessor helped a lot with the “racket” (14 points)

HIS PERFORMANCE WENT: Bankston was excellent and impressive with 16 points and 7/8 two-pointers.

MATCH STATISTICS: Vildosa’s 7 steals, Grant’s 9 assists and the hosts’ 18 mistakes.

THEIR NEXT OBLIGATION: Panathinaikos will welcome Zalgiris Kaunas (15/11, 21:15) for the 8th matchday of the Euroleague, while Aris will travel to France for the Eurocup match against Burg (14/11, 20:30).

The quarters: 15-14, 33-32, 44-55, 65-75.

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