AEK: The qualification scenarios for the Europa League or the Conference League

AEK: The qualification scenarios for the Europa League or the Conference League
AEK: The qualification scenarios for the Europa League or the Conference League

What are the scenarios for AEK qualifying for the knockouts of the European competitions? “Violent” continuation in the Europa League, great chances for participation in the Europa Conference League.

AEK experienced its second defeat against Marseille. The “black and yellow” had their chances, however, the failure in front of the French goal deprived them of at least a point, as Gennaro Gattuso’s team prevailed 2-0 and are now “hug” with the ticket to qualify for the knockouts of the Europa League.

For AEK the ticket to the next phase of the Europa League seems to be slipping away, with its participation in the Europa Conference League now gathering a lot of chances.

Mathematically, however, the Union can hope for both scenarios. Everything at the moment remains open for Matias Almeida’s team, as well eventual results can bring AEK from the “16” of the Europa League, even permanently out of Europe.

How it finishes first in the group and secures direct qualification to the “16” of the Europa League

But what happens? if AEK makes 2/2 against Brighton; If Ajax doesn’t drop the ‘bomb’, then AEK will mathematically ensure their presence in the European knockouts.

In this particular case AEK will be found tied for second place and will overtake Brighton because of between games which is the UEFA’s first criteria for ties.

To make first class dreamsshould o Ajax to leave with the double from Marseille and at the same time the Brighton not to let Marseille get “three points” in the game between them, provided of course that the AEK will play 2/2 against the “seagulls” and “Aiantas”.

Qualification to the Europa League play offs

Here things are simpler. THE AEK must beat Brighton Anyway. In case the Marseille do their duty against Ajaxthen the Union should in Holland bring a better result than the English team, so that secure second place in her group and the participation in the Europa League play offswhere she will find in front of her one of the teams that will finish in third place in their group in the Champions League.

Even with draw however against Brighton, AEK will still have chances, however he will need a “gift” from indifferent Marseille of the last competition, provided of course Union wins against Ajax in Holland.

So the AEK will catch her Brighton in the tie and will “ride” her because of her victory at the “Amex Stadium”.

How is it going in the Conference League?

It’s just the way things are here. THE AEK is only thinking about Ajax for the battle for third place and with the current score data. As mentioned above, AEK with a victory against Brighton secures its presence in the knockouts of Europe, if of course Ajax does not make a big surprise in Marseille. However even in the other two possibilities (draw or lose) it will remain alive in the battle for third place.

If AEK draw and Ajax fail to do the double in Marseille, then Almeida’s team will travel to Holland for two results so that take that third place.

If, however, “Aiantas” take the “three points” from Marseille and the AEK carries an “X” with Brightonthen things are more… complicated and we go to equality criteria. First, with victory against Ajax, AEK advances to the Conference Leagueas with defeat… he says final “goodbye” to Europe.

But what happens? if they are tied each other and finish tied. We will need to turn to fourth equality criterion which refers to best attack in all group games. If and there they bear “X”then we will… go to more away goals in the groupwhere AEK will have the upper hand due to the three goals they scored in Brighton.

With a defeat by Brighton, AEK mathematically loses any hopes it has of qualifying for the knockouts of the Europa League and will focus entirely on winning third place.

However, if Ajax manage to pull off a surprise and leave Marseille with the double, then they will “ride” Union in the standings and leave them one point behind, which means that AEK will go to Amsterdam in the last matchday , just for the win.

How is he permanently out of Europe?

It is simple. With two losses in the last two matches, the AEK stays out of Europe for good. With draw against Brighton and defeat against Ajax, the AEK is also left out

Still however and with win against Brightonthe AEK can stay out! If o Ajax makes 2/2 against Marseille and AEK, then he “rides” the Union, even if she beats Brighton. In the event that such a thing happens, then the AEK may be out of the gameif the Englishmen muster even one point in their last game.

The rating

1. Marseille 8 10-6
3.Brighton 7 8-5
2. AEK 4 5-8
4. Ajax 2 4-8

The schedule of the next matches

5th matchday – 30/11
AEK – Brighton
Marseille – Ajax

6th matchday – 14/12
Ajax – AEK
Brighton – Marseille

What happens in the case of a tie?

  • 1. The total points in the games between the tied teams.
  • 2. The overall goal difference in the games between the tied teams.
  • 3. The best offense in the games between the tied teams.
  • 4. The total goal difference in all group games.
  • 5. The best attack in all the group games.
  • 6. Most away goals in all group games.
  • 7. Most wins in all group games.
  • 8. Most away wins in all group games.
  • 9. The least points in the disciplinary grade (3 points for a straight red and sending off with two yellows, 1 point for each yellow card)
  • 10. The highest Coefficient in the UEFA rating

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