Will we have four teams in the Conference League? (vids)

Will we have four teams in the Conference League? (vids)
Will we have four teams in the Conference League? (vids)

You don’t call it a bumpy landing. Something about… grounding, but definitely. The night of the 4th match of the group stage showed and proved what most suspected, in a not so bad scenario. The chance to see 4 Greek teams in February. All in the Conference League.

In the 24th of the tournament before the “16”.

Olympiacos is third in Group A of the Europa League with 4 points, when West Ham and Freiburg have 9 each and Topola only 1. Theoretically, Martinez’s team with a double at the home of Freiburg (30/11) has chances for 2nd place as well . Practically, however, probably everything has taken its course. Third place and “knock out” in February with someone who will finish 2nd in the Conference League group. As long as they are not defeated in the last match by Batska Topola.

But Panathinaikos is third. And he with 4 points after the two defeats against Rennes. And he having Maccabi Haifa on 1 point, which has fewer matches but also much bigger problems than football. Logically, February will be played there for the Greens. They are playing away now against Villarreal (6b) of course and with a “double” they come back stronger. However, logic also says for them that if they do not lose against Maccabi they will take a place in the “24” of the Conference League.

The data for AEK and PAOK

Things are more difficult for AEK, who lost again tonight to Marseille. The French have 8 and Brighton 7. AEK also has 4, but knows that Ajax (2b) is close and has the privilege of hosting them in the Netherlands for two matches. AEK needs a win to be sure. Or a draw with Brighton if Marseille do themselves a favor and beat Ajax in France at the end of the month. And she goes to the group for the third time. With more adventure though, in a clearly more difficult group.

And PAOK who didn’t beat Aberdeen tonight? He has 10 points and has already moved to the “24” of the Conference. The issue is whether he can finish first to automatically qualify for the “16” or whether he will also enter the “barrages” by facing in the extra knockout round a 3rd place in the Europa League. Everything will be decided in Frankfurt (30/11). Eintracht has 9. PAOK with a draw even holds the lead…

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