Opponents of Greek teams: “Double” first place for Brighton, Villarreal upset, Eintracht close (vid)

Opponents of Greek teams: “Double” first place for Brighton, Villarreal upset, Eintracht close (vid)
Opponents of Greek teams: “Double” first place for Brighton, Villarreal upset, Eintracht close (vid)

Brighton’s double win over Ajax (2-0 in the Netherlands), topped the AEK group – Villarreal’s upset win in Cyprus over Maccabi Haifa (2-1), overcame Panathinaikos – Idle win and Eintracht qualification in Helsinki (1-0), to -1 by PAOK before the “final” between them in Frankfurt.

Three “doubles” were reserved for the other games in the AEK, Panathinaikos (Europa League) and PAOK (Europa Conference League) groups. THE Brighton climbed to the top of the Union group with a “double” in Amsterdam (2-0 in Ajax), pending AEK – Marseille.

THE Villarreal ta… it took neutral Cyprus and a closed-door struggle to bend it Maccabi Haifa (2-1) and overcome him Panathinaikos rising to second place (with fewer matches than the Greens), while the Eintracht Frankfurtwithout particularly charging, went through the Helsinki (1-0 to the team of the same name), qualified for the knockouts and reduced its distance from the PAOKbefore the “final” between them for first place on German soil (11/30, 22:00).

Brighton “double” first, Ajax at the bottom

So what if she started the first European experience in her history with a point in the first two matches? THE Brighton he then confirmed her quality, took advantage of his… crap Ajax and, with a double win over Ayanda, climbed to first place in the second group, awaiting AEK – Marseille.

THE Ansu Fatireminiscent of the child prodigy who dazzled in his early days with Barcelona before suffering a serious injury, was the big star in the Seagulls’ 2-0 win at the Johan Cruyff Arena.

The Spanish striker, who is playing at Brighton on loan from Barca, opened the scoring in the 15th minute with a fine spot, after his assist Simon Andingra. And, in the 53rd minute, he responded with an assist to the 21-year-old Ivorian winger, who made it 2-0 with a diagonal shot.

His team John Fan’t Schipwho suffered his first defeat on the edge of the bench, struggled to reduce, missed opportunities, but did not avoid defeat and remained at the bottom of the standings.

Ajax (John Fan’t Schip): Ramai – Gaei (57′ Sosa), Retz (78′ Mikoutatze), Soutalo, Hato – Foss (73′ Tahirovic), Hlinson (57′ Borges), Taylor (46′ Akpom) – Berghaus, Brombay, Bergwine.

Brighton (Roberto de Cerbi): Verbruggen – Feltman, Van Hecke, Dunk (46′ Igor), Grosz – Dowd (65′ Estoupinian – 77′ tr. Baleba), Milner (8′ tr. Gilmour) – Andingra, Fati (65′ Ferguson) , Mitoma – Joao Pedro.

With a rollover he escaped the kazoo

Flirt with defeat – shock n Villarrealafter losing 1-0 to Maccabi Haifa in the empty “AEK Arena” of Larnaca until the 82nd minute. With two goals in four minutes, however, his team Patchet (for now at least…) got the win (2-1) and got the better of him Panathinaikos in the standings of the sixth group, having a match less than Trifylli.

The Israelis, in their first official game after 35 days and in the shadow of the war raging in their country, were fully competitive and managed to take the lead with a close header Abdoulaye Sec (30′), with the goal awarded by VAR, since the scorer’s position was marginal.

The Yellow Submarine missed a unique opportunity to equalize eight minutes later when o Ben Brereton won a penalty. THE Alexander Sorloth undertook to execute it, the Sharif Keuf saved, but the referee showed a replay because there was a player who entered the area before the kick.

Even so, however, the Maccabi goalkeeper caught the second shot (!), this time of Manou Trigeros, keeping the lead for the (typically) home team. As the minutes ticked by Villarreal increased the pressure, Keough couldn’t get it all out and both Alex (Baena and Sorloth), with goals in the 82′ and 86′, brought the ups and downs and gave their team a thriller victory.

Maccabi Haifa (Mesaie Dego): Keough – Sudgren, Cech, Simic, Kornud – Muhammad, Kafumana, Refaelof (76′ Jaber) – Kalaili (87′ Sibley), Piero (65′ David), Hadzai (76′ Podgoreanu).

Villarreal (Pacheta): Reina – Altimira, Mandi, Gambia, Moreno – Accomac (67′ Pino), Manu Trigeros (79′ Capoue), Komesania (46′ Medina), Terracs (66′ Danny Parego) – Brereton (66′ Baena), Sorloth.

At idle and at -1 from PAOK

Double the profit for her Eintracht from “double” to frozen Helsinki (1-0). On the one hand, it secured qualification to the knockout stages of the Europa Conference League. And, on the other hand, she reduced her distance from him to one degree PAOKin the battle for the top of the seventh group, which is expected to be decided between them against Frankfurt.

Superior Germans, even playing at idle, missed an incredible opportunity in the seventh minute with a crossbar Skiri olives and repeated attempts from… half a meter for William Patso and Hugo Larsonwith the Helsinki defenders clearing the ball as best they can.

In the 31st minute, however, Fares Saibiwith an amazing curler from the left corner of the large area, left no room for reaction to Nikki Maenpaa and gave the lead to an Eintracht side that played as long as it took, comfortably held the lead until the end and took the three points.

Helsinki (Toni Korkeakunas): Maenpaa – Soiri, Tenio, Halme, Ogila – Peltola, Lingman (86′ Olusania), Kanellopoulos (71′ Rogic) – Bande (71′ Quasivi – Benican), Hostika (86′ Riski), Keskinen.

Eintracht Frankfurt (Dino Topmeller): Trapp – Patso, Ebibe (89′ Knauf), Smolcic – Buta, Larsson, Skiri, Nkunku (89′ Baum) – Gotse (78′ Aaronson), Marmus (70′ Nacho Ferry), Saiby (78′ Hauge).

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