From the Metropolitan to the Olympiacos Medical Center


After years, Olympiacos announced yesterday the end of its collaboration with the hospital Metropolitan, speaking of a “dirty game” played on the “red and white” by the business group to which it belongs (as well as “Health”, “Metropolitan General” and “Mother”).

With its announcement, PAE Olympiacos refers to what followed firecracker which fell in Karaiskakis next to Juancar, in the confrontation with Panathinaikos, “with “monkey” nights and custom opinions, which made professors and experts laugh, the clinic contributed the most to alteration of the Championship and hit the team that has been the vehicle for this particular hospital to become famous all these years”, while noting that for more than 3 years he received complaints from fans of the team.

Olympiakos’ announcement in detail:

“PAE OLYMPIAKOS informs our fans that our collaboration with the Metropolitan Hospital will not be continued/renewed.

For more than three years we have often received heavy complaints from our fans about the poor service they received at the Metropolitan, the endless waiting and the exorbitant prices (especially in the time of Covid), as well as the ambiguity in the discount that was supposed to be offered by Metropolitan of OLYMPIAKOS season holders in hospitalization and examinations.

Despite our constant complaints and constant assurances that the issues would be resolved, they were not.

We received complaints from the footballers and their families about the care they did not have even though it was contractually due to the hospital.

We were receiving asymmetric and unreasonable charges for the treatment of patients-veterans-legends of OLYMPIAKOS, and many Piraeus whose hospitalization, by order of the President of PAE OLYMPIAKOS, Mr. Vangelis Marinakis, was entirely undertaken by OLYMPIAKOS.

We were sure that the collaboration would not continue until the unthinkable happened:

Over the past few days, the business group that owns Metropolitan (which includes “Health”, “Metropolitan General” and “Mother”) has played a very dirty game on OLYMPIACO and his world!

With admissions to the “Emergency” of the “Health” for non-existent injuries, with “monkey” nights and on-demand opinions, which caused laughter from professors and experts, the clinic did the most to change the Championship and hit the team that made it all over the years the vehicle to make this particular hospital well-known.

At the same time, he contributed to the creation of a toxic climate in Greek football.

Any damage the club has already suffered or will suffer in the future, rating damage, financial, social, will bear the signature of the Metropolitan-Health Group and its partners who benefited from this whole theater of the absurd with the alleged injury.

At the same time, it becomes impossible to continue an already problematic partnership for the Association, our athletes/football players, coaches and fans.

In the coming days, our new “teammate” will be announced and presented, who will respect the Association and reliably cover the needs of the OLYMPIAN family in the field of Health”.

The new “teammate”, as Olympiacos typically mentions, is none other than Medical Center, with which there was cooperation in the past. According to his information the discussions of the two sides are very well on their way and all that remains is the related announcements.

The question is what will happen to the team’s chief medical staff, Christ Theo, with which everyone at Olympiakos is completely happy from 2011 until today. Christos Theos is director at the Metropolitan Orthopedic Clinic and he probably has two roads ahead of him. Either resign from the Metropolitan, or leave the “red and whites”.


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