Lucescu after PAOK – Aberdeen: “If I receive a negative question, good night”

Lucescu after PAOK – Aberdeen: “If I receive a negative question, good night”
Lucescu after PAOK – Aberdeen: “If I receive a negative question, good night”

PAOK were held to a 2-2 draw by Aberdeen in the Conference League group stage 4 and Razvan Lucescu spoke about the game but refused to take any negative questions.

With PAOK remaining unbeaten in Europe and already securing their qualification to the next stage of the Conference League, Lucescu wanted to focus only on his team’s success.

Lucescu’s statements

“I said it before I came to the press conference, if today I receive a negative question, I will tell you that we qualified and good evening. It was a match we had to win and we deserved the win.

We are unbeaten after 10 matches in Europe, in the next phase of the competition, while I remember the negativity that existed after the first matchday at home against Beitar. We have made significant strides forward as a team.

We continue in Europe and in February despite this result which we did not like based on our effort. I am satisfied with the image of the team. I understand that the team is in a stressful situation at the moment. We created many phases, we scored two goals. It’s unfair for us the result, but that can happen in football.

Our goal was to qualify and we succeeded. We conceded the first goal from a cross from the right, but in general we didn’t concede any chances.

I’m… crazy but I always tell the truth, Aberdeen’s second goal in the match came from a big mistake by the referee, because at the beginning of the phase Samata is fouled. Then there is the big ball, which Aberdeen wins the foul and scores the goal, in a foul that was very easily given to the opponent”.

On whether he was surprised that Aberdeen made it difficult for PAOK: “We fully control the match from the beginning, our goal was to qualify. It is an important step forward because we want continuity in the organization. In both matches we were better than the opponent and we deserved more today. I have no complaints from our players.”

On whether he believes that PAOK is making quick steps towards its goals: “We have qualified for the next stage and now we will go to the match against Eintracht to take first place. We have to stay firm and strong psychologically, this will also help us for the game in Germany.

The last match is not there, we also have the last match at home. This is our goal, the first match after this or better… the next one. We are a team that must take advantage of every situation, every mistake of the opponent. For the competitions within Greece, we are in contention. With the way our team is structured, we have to look at the match against Panaitolikos. That’s the only way we’ll get the most out of every match, where for us the goal is the three points.”

On whether this Aberdeen game is a lesson in management: “Football is like that. Sometimes you will be lucky and sometimes unlucky. Luck will sometimes be with the opportunities, sometimes the ball will not enter the net. We have seen this many times over the last month with our own team. We have to enjoy our qualification to the next stage and when the time comes we will see the match against Eintracht. This qualification gives us confidence, a stronger bond between the players and the effort they have made. It gives us joy and we want to continue like this.”

About Samata’s goal and his image: “People in Thessaloniki are demanding in general and not only with Samata. There are players who adapt more easily, but there are not many. And there are others who need a longer period to adapt to a new situation. We have to be careful with Samata, in training he shows great will, great responsibility. Step by step he is getting better, we all help him and support him to face the next matches better. He gives everything for the team and things will work out better for him as well.”

For the many goals conceded by PAOK and if he considers the event to be a coincidence: “Thank you very much, good night!”

The article is in Greek

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