AEK – Marseille 0-2: Marseille beat the “Opap Arena” (vids)

AEK – Marseille 0-2: Marseille beat the “Opap Arena” (vids)
AEK – Marseille 0-2: Marseille beat the “Opap Arena” (vids)

Only… “Opap Arena” does not resemble a castle. For yet another European match, AEK was not able to take advantage of its home, with Marseille this time being the team that got the better of New Philadelphia 2-0.

Stormy in the first half, the Marseilles scored a goal (Bepa, 25′) and had opportunities for more, however, Athanasiadis and a mistake kept the score at 1-0 in the first 45 minutes.

Marseille is leaving Athens with a double

In the replay, the Union raised its performance by pushing for an equaliser, however, what Almeida’s players failed to do, the visitors did it again, reaching a second goal in the final.

Now in 3rd place, AEK with 4 points will play their… rest against Brighton (home) and Ajax (away).

How did they line up?

The Argentinian coach chose Athanasiadis under the posts, Sidibe, Vida, Mukudi, Hadjisafi in the back four, Simanski, Pineda, Amrabad and Gacinovic the center four of the Union, with Petro Mandalo moving behind Levi Garcia who is after some time at the top of the attack.

Marseille’s 11: Lopeth, Lodi, Balerdi, Beba, Clos, Kodogbia, Verretou, Arit, Ediage, Correa, Vitinia

Dynamic start from Marseilles

The French entered the match with the intention of taking the initiative of the moves and that’s what they did, being dominant on the playing field of the “Opap Arena” against Matias Almeida’s team.

In the 16′ came the warning shot from Marseille with the Marseilles hiding the ball which came out from the right for Vitinia who failed to catch the shot fully.

The ball was then laid out for Kodogbia but his shot went wide.

A lead for Marseille with Bepa

Marseille continued in the same pattern and managed to turn their dominance into goals in the 25th minute, with Beppa capitalizing on Athanasiadis’ mistimed clearance to head the ball into the Union net.

The scene then did not change with Athanasiadis in the 33rd minute having an answer to Bepa’s header, keeping the match at 1-0 which was also the score of the first half.

He fought for the equalizer in the replay

AEK entered the second half with the aim of equalizing and could have achieved it in the 51st minute, if Lopes had not impressively cleared Levi Garcia’s header.

Four minutes later, Gacinovic had a good shot from inside the area, but Lopez with a nice intervention stopped him, while a minute later his shot was blocked.

Matias Almieda’s players continued to put pressure on the Frenchmen’s goal but to no avail. And after the Union failed to equalize the match, Sar came in the delays of the match to “punish” them by making the final 2-0.

AEK: Athanasiadis, Sidibe, Vida, Mukudi, Hadjisafi, Simanski (81′ Galanopoulos), Pineda (63′ Araujo), Amrabad (76′ Eliasson), Gatsinovic (63′ Zuber), Mandalos, Garcia (63′ Ponce).

Marseille: Lopes, Clos (90+5′ Nadir), Beba, Balerdi, Lodi, Diagé (86′ Mourinho), Vertou (90+5′ Zizo), Kodogbia, Harit (90+5′ Soglo), Correa (60′ Sarr) , Bithynia.

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