Ataman revelations about budget and transfer

Ataman revelations about budget and transfer
Ataman revelations about budget and transfer

Ergin Ataman was again particularly revealing, talking about Panathinaikos’ game against Alba in Berlin for the Euroleague.

The coach of Panathinaikos, Ergin Ataman, referred to the need for transfer support after the injuries of Ioannis Papapetrou – Juancho Hernangometh, while he also commented on the team’s budget.

The coach of the “clover” also emphasized that Kendrick Nunn has made a very good first impression on him, underlined that Luka Vildosa will be available against Alba Berlin (10/11, 21:00) and explained why the German team is dangerous.

What the Panathinaikos coach said in detail:

For Alba Berlin: “They are a very dangerous team. In their last home game they defeated Armani Milano. So far she has stayed in games and in all her away matches until the last minute. He plays fast, uses a motion offense and has shooters like Brown, Matt Thomas and Olinte. Also, Thiman is a very experienced player and Kumandze has a big body under the basket. So we have to stay in control. Alba constantly seeks surprises. Even when we score we have to pay attention to our defense and the opponent’s transition. It won’t be an easy game. For sure, it will be a difficult match at home.”

On his first impression of Kendrick Nunn and whether he will use him in Berlin: “It’s a very good first impression, very good. He has only had one training session with the team. Tonight he will do the second one. We’ll see. Of course, it’s not easy to adapt immediately to a team’s system, but we will decide tomorrow whether to use him or not in this particular match.”

On the situation of Luka Vildosa: “He came back and started training at the beginning of the week, after the game against Apollon. Are well. Maybe he’s not 100%, but he’s ready. Tomorrow he will be on the floor.”

For the plan with which the absence of Juancho Hernangomet will be filled, especially since the Spaniard was also taking time in the “3” position: “Unfortunately, we have two very important players in the same position with serious injuries, Papapetrou and Juancho Hernangomet. We look at our options. The reality is that I think we’re a little over budget. But the truth is that we want at least one player for three months, until one of them returns.

It is not easy to play only Grigonis in the “3” position. We also have Mandzoukas, who will cover some minutes in the “4” position, along with Mitoglou. However, we want a player in that position. Another reality is that it is also not easy to find a player at this time. We will see what will happen. We are having meetings with the management and will consider our options after the Alba game.”

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