The standings and schedule in the PAOK Group: How they finish first and how they finish second

The standings and schedule in the PAOK Group: How they finish first and how they finish second
The standings and schedule in the PAOK Group: How they finish first and how they finish second

PAOK mathematically got the “ticket” for the knockout phase of the Conference League and the next matchday in Germany against Eintracht will essentially, perhaps mathematically, play first place.

His qualification to the knockout stage Conference League secured tonight (9/11) o PAOKdespite the draw (2-2) conceded to Aberdeen. She will continue with him in the next round Eintracht Frankfurtwho beat Helsinki 1-0 and also passed math.

Now the “Two-Headed” also focuses on the big goal of the 1st place, which is very important. You see, whoever cuts the thread first in the group will directly get the “ticket” for the “16” of the competition, on the contrary, the second will play in the play-offs against a team that will finish 3rd in their groups Europa.

So based on the existing data and with a function of the 2-1 won by the Thessalonians her Eintracht in Tuba in the first round, everything around the top will be decided the next race day at Deutsche Bank Parkwhere they will collide with each other.

There the “Two-Headed” will essentially play for two results, since in case of victory he will be the official first, while in the event of a tie he will decide his fate in the final (with a victory over Helsinki in Greece it will end raining and snowing at the top, as well as in its possible “gela”. Eintracht at Scotland). On the contrary if it is defeated by 2 or more goals to overtake it Eintracht she should lose in the final Aberdeen and himself to win her Helsinki.

In the case now that he loses by one goal difference (i.e. equalized in his favor PAOK here result) will finish first again in the above “scenario” (his win and her loss Eintracht), but it will also “make” him a possible tie of Germans in the Pittodrie (always of course if he gets the three points), but if he “gets” the goal difference in the group where in this case he will be before the cross at “+2” (now he is at “+3” but he will have lost and with a goal in Germany) and the Eintracht at “+8” (she’s at “+7”, plus the one goal in her favor).

The results in the 7th Group

1st matchday
Eintracht Frankfurt – Aberdeen 2-1
Helsinki – PAOK 2-3
2nd matchday
PAOK – Eintracht Frankfurt 2-1
Aberdeen – Helsinki 1-1
3rd matchday
Aberdeen – PAOK 2-3
Eintracht Frankfurt – Helsinki 6-0
4th matchday
PAOK – Aberdeen 2-2
Helsinki – Eintracht Frankfurt 0-1

The standings (4 games)

1. PAOK 10 10-7
2. Eintracht Frankfurt 9 10-3
3. Aberdeen 2 6-8
4. Helsinki 1 3-11

The program

5th matchday – 30/11
Helsinki – Aberdeen
Eintracht Frankfurt – PAOK
6th matchday – 14/12
PAOK – Helsinki
Aberdeen – Eintracht Frankfurt

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