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Thessaloniki on Ivan’s “map”!

Thessaloniki on Ivan’s “map”!
Thessaloniki on Ivan’s “map”!

Ivan Savvidis has already written his name in golden letters in the history of PAOK, now he is doing the same for the city of Thessaloniki, which is preparing for a rare sporting upgrade.

The achievements and persistence of the Pontians until they succeed, their hard work, are facts that cannot be disputed. Let others say because they can’t deal in some other field, people who got up and thrived having suffered genocide. Wherever they went (Greece, Russia, etc.) they were hunted, but with their heads held high they were justified and prospered.

Whoever forgets these details when referring to Ivan Savvidis, is simply led to completely wrong conclusions. Just as it happened with the entirety of Pontic Hellenism, so with its powerful man PAOK.

Let’s not hide behind our finger: They “finished” him once when ND was elected. as a government. They “finished” him a second time when the pandemic came and he did not come to Greece for obvious reasons. They “finished” him a third time because of the problems brought by the war in Ukraine. In between as… icing on the cake of endless coffee shop conclusions, they even used lies about serious health problems.

In the end, Savvidis neither left nor abandoned him PAOK luckily for him, the group didn’t break up or anything. All they succeeded in doing was to increase his Pontic stubbornness. Wrong that when they did it the first time, they led to the double with an undefeated championship. Now because many have gathered, they will lead to something greater.

Apparently his strongman too PAOK he didn’t wake up after the triumph over Olympiakos and remembered Nea Toumba and the new training. It is clear that he processes these plans and “runs” them quietly and under the radar of the public. As he should and as he has learned to do his work: Seriously, without fanfare and communication tricks.

Already the Savvidis he is the most successful player in the history of PAOK. No one can dispute that. Now with what he is determined to accomplish and leave to the club, he goes beyond the narrow framework of a sports agent. Those of you who disagree or have doubts, answer the following question for yourself: If we remove Ivan Savvidis from the equation, how many chances does this city have in the coming years to see Nea Toumba, a functional Kawtanzoglio and a new training center for PAOK?

Living the city in its daily life, Thessaloniki seems to have bogged down in terms of business and upgrading. In the first sector, Ivan Savvidis he was the one who stirred the waters. Now he will do the same in the second one, upgrading and modernizing the second largest city in the country in terms of sports facilities.

Without Savvidis, no politician would have dealt with Kautanzoglio. Especially the previous “deputy minister” put up obstacles and wasted time, but history will write him as he deserves.

The persistence and stubbornness of the owner of PAEK PAOK are the elements that push the state itself to deal with Kautanzoglio. Knowing that the presence of the Bighead there for as long as it takes for the construction of Nea Toumba, will provide a solution and banish the hoarseness from the state. Simple translation: Savvidis’ presence not only saves but also upgrades Thessaloniki’s #1 sports facility.

From then on, explanations about what a new stadium in Toumba and new modern training center facilities will mean for PAOK are unnecessary. Not exclusively for the most popular club in Thessaloniki, but for the city itself and the prefecture as a whole.

The SDNA from time to time he has dealt with those who use lies because they think that this way they will damage a great businessman and sports agent. Maybe after all it was better not to. Because whenever they put the mud slinging into operation, they increase the stubbornness and will of the man who has proven to them that the more they “cheat” him, the more they will lose. In this case, apart from their own hashurah, the place itself wins. Thessaloniki. Double the good.

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