The 11 of Olympiakos against West Ham

The 11 of Olympiakos against West Ham
The 11 of Olympiakos against West Ham

In the Georgios Karaiskakis game, 15 days ago, Olympiacos performed one of its best performances during this season. He beat West Ham and proved that he is an equal contender for qualification.

With the recipe of the first game the Spaniard

Diego Martinez, from Wednesday’s press conference, had hinted that he would not change much in the game at the Olympic Stadium in London. And it didn’t change.

To be precise, the Spanish coach of the Red and Whites decided to change only the center forward, in relation to the game of Faliros. With Stevan Jovetic selected for the starting line-up, instead of Ayoub El Kaabi. Who will stay on the bench for the first time.

This is how he ranks Olympiakos

As far as the rest of the positions are concerned, now, Alexandros Paschalakis will sit under the rafters. The 4th defense will consist of Rodinei and Ortega at the two ends and Poroso and Rezzo at the stopper positions.

In front of them, Martinez has chosen to keep the trio of midfielders, with Ese, Mandi Kamara and Alexandropoulos. While the two most quality players of Olympiakos will compete at the two ends of the attack. Kostas Fortounis with Daniel Pontense. Who, along with Stevan Jovetic will be the three players responsible for causing problems in West Ham’s defensive line.

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