Ok, you don’t “sell” McKissick, Sikma?

Ok, you don’t “sell” McKissick, Sikma?
Ok, you don’t “sell” McKissick, Sikma?

THE George Bartzokas he said what he had to in his statements about his players. “I don’t sell my players”. He was clear. He didn’t take a photo. He meant Shaquille McKissick. No objection. But for Luke Sikma, why is he backing down?

What to talk about him Shaquille McKissick. The American was the first choice in the second term of the Greek technician on the Olympiakos bench. First in, first out, player coach. The one who has made excellent appearances in most derbies against Panathinaikos. It was logical and next to say that he would wait for him.

The talk about him was on a different wavelength Luke Sikma. Giorgos Bartzokas was not as categorical, but he was not fully supportive. Because the former Alba player is injured and the top technician last year in Euroleague he believes that his complete team will be different. In other words, Shikma is an important piece when joined with the rest.

Okay, understandable to an extent. What does Mr Bartzokas; I got him, I trust him, he’ll do the job for me when he comes back. Should I “cut” him because he was injured? With the moment that there is an available budget and… space for tall of Olympiakos, because he does not frame his team with one more; Peters, Sikma, Milutinov, Fal this year, with Sikma not playing. Last year: Vezenkov, Peters, Fall, Boloboi, Black.

It is obvious that he is waiting, To find the right one? Maybe the right one will be released. His right. But Olympiacos needs a player today. O Milutinov he is doubtful for the match against Baskonia (19:15, Novasports), he might be forced to play… The same happened with Fener. Problem…


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