Enzo Francescoli on BN Sports: “New Philadelphia reminded and will remind… Latin America!” (video)

Enzo Francescoli on BN Sports: “New Philadelphia reminded and will remind… Latin America!” (video)
Enzo Francescoli on BN Sports: “New Philadelphia reminded and will remind… Latin America!” (video)

The “Prince”, the legend of Uruguay, his idol Zinedine Zidane! THE Enzo Francescoli in the BN Sports for her big date AEK with the Marseillethe New Philadelphia he met in ’89, but still remembers to this day, and his good friend, Matias Almeida!

Interview with Fanis Tsokanas

Every pitch he “stepped on”, has something to remember from him. A dribble, a heel, a great shot outside the area, a “recommended” foul.

Enzo Francescoli, “el Principe”, the “Prince”. An artist of another era, who was worshiped like a god wherever he was.

He left his mark in Marseille, even though he only played one year in Marseille. Her legend River Plate and football player “emblem” for the Uruguay. “Present” in three of the most recent four Copa America that he conquered, “present” and in every discussion about the best Uruguayan soccer player of all time.

A few hours before her return Marseille in New Philadelphia (09/11, 22:00), to face her AEKin its context Europa Leaguespeak to BN Sports and went back in time, to 1989. Se those first two matches in the history of the two teams that formed the starting point for the “fraternization” of their followers.

He recalled the images of the “burning” New Philadelphiathe place where he has already left – and continues to leave – his mark, a man, with whom he connects, a long and close friendship: The Matias Almeida!

And as he stated, as long as his current obligations as its sports director allow him River Platewill sit comfortably on his sofa, to enjoy the great match on TV OPAP Arenabetween one of the teams he loved and was loved, and “Pelados”.

What Latin America, what New Philadelphia, what Marseille!

Players, details from the match and Greece in general, o Enzo Francescoli has not held back. But there is something, which seems to be in front of him again. Even though 34 years have passed since that match.

“The atmosphere created by the fans in the stadium was reminiscent of South America. Indeed, both in the first match in Marseille and in the second in Greece, the fanatical fans created something that I was used to seeing, only in the stadiums of the continent, where I come from.

Honestly, I remember little from the match. And the reason is none other than the attention that the AEK fans and the atmosphere in the stadium had drawn to me to an enormous extent. It looked like a Copa Libertadores or Sudamericana match!

I expect something similar now. I will definitely watch the match on TV, as long as I don’t have any obligations, for River Plate.”

“My good friend, Matias Almeida!”

Everyone knows that the “architect” of last year and this year AEK, Matias Almeidais a “totem” for South American football, let alone its River Plate.

With him Enzo Francescoli, they coexisted in the “millionaires”, at the end of the career of the Uruguayan legend, and at the beginning of that of “Pelado”. Neither the short period of time, nor the age gap, however, prevented them from developing a very close relationship, which lasts to this day.

“Matias is my friend above all. We were teammates and shared very beautiful and intense moments. I have great affection for him.

That he is a great coach, in addition to being a person, he has proven it many times in different countries.

I was and am sure that he will continue to leave his mark as a coach”.

An “other” Paris, Marseille and Zidane

There are many stories that accompany him Enzo Francescoli. For the younger ones, however, who did not live it and cannot fully understand the legend surrounding his name, let them think about the following simple: can an ordinary person become the idol of Zinedine Zidane? It can not be done!

His influence Francescoli on one of the greatest football players of all time, it was such that “Zizou” made the decision to give his first son the first name of his childhood sweetheart! And that’s how it happened Enzo Zidane!

“It is a huge honor that Zizou has noticed me, and has me as an example, a footballer who has been great in everything he does.

Really, it’s hard to explain how I feel. Undoubtedly, though, it is a mixture of gratitude and pride that he decided to name his son “Enzo” because of me!

It is a sample, to understand how much influence I had in the world, while I stayed in France.

I enjoyed my time there and especially my last year at Racing de Paris and the one year at Marseille. I had excellent teammates next to me and these two teams helped me a lot in the development of my career.”

River Plate, for now, before, after and always…

On November 12 of this year, Mr Enzo Francescoli he will turn 62 years old.

A total of seven of them – as a football player – and another nine – as a sports director – he has spent at Monumental. Next to his beloved, River Plate.

And as can be seen from his words, his pleasure in offering her his services remains the same…

“Since 2014, I have been the sporting director of River Plate and it is an honor for me. I work for a huge club, so important in my career. I feel comfortable in this role and I am happy to continue to offer.”


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