“Unthinkable delay by the Appeals Committee – No hope for Olympiakos!” (video)


The 4th show of “Green Monday” with Christos Dimopoulos and Ari Antonopoulos on “Ola Prasina” included reporting and commentary on current events. What was said about the Appeals Committee’s delay in making its decision on the cracker derby.

We are all here, we are all Stoiximan

Christos Dimopoulos and Aris Antonopoulos they stirred the “waters” in her 4th show “Green Monday” in the “All Green”commenting among others its unjustified delay Appeals Committee to make the decision on the firecracker derby.

As said, Mr Olympic he does not have the slightest hope of vindication, since during the appeal hearing he did not present any document that could dispute his given injury Juancar.

In the last few hours, after all, his panicked movements Olympiakou with the apocrypha to expel even their doctor, Christ Theoprove the impasse they have reached.

Revisit what was said on ‘Green Monday’:

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