Awesome Emperor, they “knew” Buduchnost and it changes the balance of the group!

Awesome Emperor, they “knew” Buduchnost and it changes the balance of the group!
Awesome Emperor, they “knew” Buduchnost and it changes the balance of the group!

Huge win over Buduchnost 63-65

Great twist for Mars! He may have been losing by 16 points but he showed character and won 63-65. So he got a great double, which can change the balance of the group.

At the start of the match, Aris had difficulty scoring (6-2 in the 4th minute) and at 8-2, Kastritis called for a time-out. Galinat “unstuck” the “yellows” (8-5), Souza completed two early fouls while Bankston’s two consecutive baskets made it 12-9. The hosts escaped with 18-9 and the first quarter – in which Toliopoulos also entered – ended with 20-11.

Buduchnost reached +13 (24-11), Aris didn’t stop making mistakes and scored 26-11. Bankston scored (26-13 at 14′) and Kastritis’ team scored the first points in the second quarter. With three shots by Galinat it was 29-16, Aris stole balls (8 steals) but that was not enough (31-16) and Toliopoulos was charged with the third personal foul at 15′.

The difference fell to 11 points (35-24) and to 7 points later, with a basket and a foul by Galinat (37-30). Aris forced (37-32) but was “hurt” by the defensive rebounds (39-32) and the half ended 39-34 (12 points by Bankston and 11 by Galinat.

Bankston was unstoppable (14 points) to make it 42-39, Sanogo was reduced to a point (42-41) and Gallinat made three foul shots (47-41). The hosts escaped (51-41), De Souza helped (with points and rebounds) and reduced to 52-47 and 56-51, which was the score of the third period.

Harrell was not fouled and then the refs charged him with unsportsmanlike conduct, quickly making it 60-51. At 60-53, Galinat made a mistake, Sanogo reduced the difference to 4 points (60-56 at 35′) after a great assist from Katsiveli, while De Souza made it 60-59 with another offensive rebound he took.

Katsivelis gave the lead (60-61) while he also made it 60-63 (37′). Galinat was charged with steps and the opportunity to increase the difference was lost, Sanogo was charged with an offensive foul at 62-63 while at 54” before the end Galinat won two shots. He hit one (62-64), the hosts also missed a shot (63-64). Bohorides stepped on the line in an attack by Aris after a bad pass by Sanogo and at 3″ Katsivelis won a foul after a missed attack by Buduchnost. They made it 63-65 and Aris won!

DECEMBER: 20-11, 39-32, 56-51, 63-65

BUDUCHSNOST (Mijovic): McGee 9 (1/2 2-pointers, 1/5 3-pointers, 4/4 shots), Ross 2 (1/6 shots, 4 assists, 6 turnovers), Slavkovic 1, Macudo 20 (7/11 2-pointers, 1 /3 3-pointers, 3/6 shots, 4 rebounds), Grbovich 1, Jones 4, Williams 10 (6 rebounds), Wright 9 (1/9 2-pointers, 7/8 shots), Popovich 5 (1/4 2-pointers, 3/ 3 shots), Paul 2

MARS (Kastritis): Sanogo 11, Toliopoulos, Carr, Katsivelis 7, Fillios, Bohorides 8 (2), Persedis, De Souza 10 (5/6 two points), Harrell, Bankston 14, Gallinat 15 (2)


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