Buduchnost-Aris 63-65 – Basketball – Eurocup – Aris

Buduchnost-Aris 63-65 – Basketball – Eurocup – Aris
Buduchnost-Aris 63-65 – Basketball – Eurocup – Aris

Giannis Kastritis’ players were losing by double digits for the longest period of the match and never leading until then, but a 12-0 run in the fourth period brought them to +3 with Katsivelis, and then the “yellows” held on to the pressure of the home team and got the pink card.

The protagonists in this were Galinat with 15, Bankston with 14 and Sanogo with 11 points. For the hosts, Makudu stood out with 20 points.

The match
The two teams “broke it out” at the beginning of the match and a few more three-pointers by Bunduchnost brought it to 8-2 in the middle of the first quarter. Blackston with individual actions in the Montenegrin basket kept the “yellows” at -3, but the Montenegrins’ 6-0 run in the Greek racket brought the score to 18-9 and Wright finished the first quarter at 20-11.

Makudu starred in a 6-0 Buduchnost run to start the second period, which made it +15 for the Montenegrins. Grbovic made it 29-13 and back-to-back 3-pointers by the Podgorica team kept it at +16. However, the consecutive three-pointers of the “yellows” reduced to -8 with an 8-0 streak and Bankston reduced to -5, with the players of Yiannis Kastritis having found the solutions and having “blocked” their opponents, with half to end at 39-34. Buduchnost had 10/14 shots and 19 rebounds and Thessaloniki 4/11 three-pointers and 17 rebounds.

The outsiders of Aris kept it at -2 to +3 at the start of the third period, but a 9-0 run by Buduchnost starring Makudu and Williams made it 51-41 for the Montenegrin champions. A 4-0 by the “yellows” reduced to -5, Bunduchnost with its own 4-0 brought the score to 56-47, but the similar run by the players of Yannis Kastritis brought the score to 56-51 at the end of the quarter.

An unsportsmanlike layup by Toliopoulos at the start of the fourth period brought Buduchnost to 60-51. The frivolous actions of the Montenegrins in the next attacks and the many rebounds that the Thessalonians “pulled down” helped them to reduce to 60-56 with a 5-0 run and with the right play inside the opponent’s basket. Buduchnost’s players constantly made mistakes in their attacks under the pressure of the “yellows” in defense and Souza’s three-pointer was the completion of the 8-0 run and the “cap” of the many offensive rebounds of the Thessalonians.

Thus, Katsivelis made it 60-63 with two consecutive individual actions and the Greek team’s streak reached 12-0 at 2’46”. Wright’s shots cut it to 62-63 at 1’44” and Galinat’s one made it 62-64 at 54”. Wright hit one of two shots he was called for to make it 63-64 at 47”. Bohorides’ mistake, Wright missed two points and Katsivelis with a shot at 2” made it 63-65 and gave the victory to Aris for the 3-3 record.

The quarters: 20-11, 39-34, 56-51, 63-65

The statistics

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