Dabrauskas’ responsibilities and the world’s xenera

Dabrauskas’ responsibilities and the world’s xenera
Dabrauskas’ responsibilities and the world’s xenera

Dimitris Karyotakis writes

OFI has a problem and it is now what the OFI world is increasingly talking about. Yes, of course OFI was supposed to win yesterday, but it didn’t and not only that, it also lost to a team that wasn’t better than it! Why didn’t he win? Was it simply the missed opportunities? Obviously not.

The team while it seemed to be trying unfortunately at critical points was not helped by the bench and its coach, who still does not learn from his mistakes, insists on his obsessions and shows in the last matches that he is lagging behind in coaching in relation to preparation of the team before the games. He left the team helpless to try throughout the second half and no one understood why.

The changes after the Panserraikos penalty in the 88th minute, to do what? Even when Toral was injured, he preferred to play Felipe as if the same mistake as Olympiakos did not happen. Cut off, the two OFI attackers waited for the penetrations and inspirations of Riera who, alone and deserted, was trying to create cracks. And as time passed, Meyados and Gayegos, out of breath and helpless, tried to take the first ball and create already. No help, no mood from the technician, no attempt to change (what he did criminally late after 2-1) everything we saw on TV. Unfortunately, in the last games you understand that the coach, instead of being a solution, tends to become a problem for OFI, even though he was deified and rightfully so in the first half of the first round.

No one has understood why players like Mosquera and Neira have languished on the bench, as well as why while we were looking for two center backs we find ourselves with one Lambropoulos not counting Karo the protagonist of all the blunders in our area. The team, while creating an explosive start, with super wins at the beginning, is losing race after race everything it has built with painstakingly and feels that it does not look capable of turning the switch.

The game against Ioannina is crucial because OFI will have to find the identity of the winner, who with striking weakness lost to Tripoli, Agrinio, Lamia (in doubles) and Serres. Murmurs can easily turn into rage and no one expected it when they saw that early explosive start that it would become the… easy of the (clearly smaller in history and jersey weight) other provincial teams! And in the end, whoever is responsible must turn the switch. It can;


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