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‘We don’t expect an easy game against Aberdeen, we didn’t challenge Scotland’

‘We don’t expect an easy game against Aberdeen, we didn’t challenge Scotland’
‘We don’t expect an easy game against Aberdeen, we didn’t challenge Scotland’

Vieirania gave an interview in Scotland ahead of PAOK’s match on Thursday (9/11) with Aberdeen and spoke about the upheaval of the first match and the joy of emotions it caused to everyone in the “two-header”, but emphasizing that no one caused it.

Two weeks ago Vieirania led PAOK to a great upset over Aberdeen in Scotland and the captain in an interview ahead of the return match on Thursday (9/11) referred both to the first match and to his and his teammates’ celebrations, stressing that none of them provoked.

“I know in Aberdeen they were unhappy because of how the game went, but the celebrations were normal, we didn’t provoke. To come back and score three goals like that is not easy. There was a lot of emotion. Alisten, we weren’t trying to provoke anyone.

It was the thrill of scoring so late in the game. Our emotions all poured out spontaneously. We were fighting and we wanted three points. I know the way we won is not the best way for Aberdeen to lose, but that’s football.”

On the match in Scotland and how he saw Aberdeen, Vieirania said:

“It was a tough game in Scotland. We knew it would be – and it will be another tough game this time. Aberdeen have a lot of quality. In the first match I think the wind helped them.”

For the victory in the first match and for the overthrow of PAOK:

“We were happy with the result. We gave everything and fought for every ball. PAOK will fight until the end in every match against every opponent. It was a hard-fought game in Aberdeen and I expect it to be the same again in Toumba.” .

On how he and his teammates are waiting for Thursday’s game:

“Definitely, we’re not expecting an easy game. I know we beat Hearts too, but it’s tough against Scottish teams. To be honest, I was hoping we wouldn’t play another Scottish team! It’s tough to play against these teams “.

On the common elements that PAOK and Aberdeen have in their game and on what his team should pay attention to:

“This is the picture of both PAOK and Aberdeen. They are two teams that give everything and we fight for every ball. We have done 3/3 so we have a little advantage over the other teams, but we have to concentrate to get the job done . We did it in Aberdeen and that will be needed again. We know they have strength and they punished us for two moments when we lost our concentration, but we fight until the end in every match.”.

Regarding the presence of PAOK fans in Scotland and that of Aberdeen fans in Toumba:

“I hope a lot of Aberdeen fans will be here because it will be a great atmosphere, just like in Scotland a few weeks ago. You saw our fans at Pittontree and what an atmosphere they create. I hope it will be a similar story in Greece as they will it was great to have a full stadium. And the weather sure… will be better!”.

The article is in Greek

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