Olympiacos: Martinez remains under pressure – Immediate reaction is sought!

Olympiacos: Martinez remains under pressure – Immediate reaction is sought!
Olympiacos: Martinez remains under pressure – Immediate reaction is sought!

It is the second time that Diego Martinez has been charged with a failed result in a short period of time. The first was at 2-2 with Batska Topola. The second the day before yesterday in 2-4 by PAOK.

Of course, the Spanish coach does not bear the full responsibility, although at the end of the day the coach is the one who “listens” to them and takes the most… shots. And the players, for their part, did not go back for yesterday’s “extremity” that we saw especially after the 0-2. And they made a fool of themselves, not only in terms of partnerships, but also in the fact that they appeared “soft” for such a game. How is the atmosphere at Olympiakos after being kicked out by PAOK? As you can see, there is a numbness and a frustration. They are not one of those defeats that are easily digested and everyone tries to deal with the situation calmly. Olympiacos, however, is a difficult club and is not one of the teams that is used to giving time to coaches and players. Five years ago, however, Pedro Martins was supported when he was defeated by OFI in Heraklion and he was supported even after the lost championship of that year, because Olympiacos was obviously on the right footing despite losing the title.

“Here and now” the “answers”

We do not know what the future holds if Olympiacos does not succeed in London and Tripoli. Only Vangelis Marinakis and his associates know this. What we can tell you is that Martinez is well aware that both he and his team are entering a critical crossroads. They have ahead of them the game against West Ham in London and then on Sunday the match against Asteras Tripoli in Arcadia. Therefore, an immediate reaction is sought from the coach and players, so that they can give the appropriate “answers” and move on.

There can be no doubt that Martinez is under pressure, because Olympiacos is a club that is constantly in the red because of his DNA and his temperament! As of course he was under pressure before the derby with Panathinaikos because of what had preceded with Batska Topola. He believes in his team and told his players. He also told the people of Olympiakos immediately after the match with PAOK. However, it is more than necessary for Olympiakos to return to convincing performances in the next two matches until the November break due to the National teams. The shock from PAOK was and remains strong.

Under normal circumstances, one could say that the “red and whites” could learn from the defeat and correct their mistakes afterwards, as they learned from the 2-2 draw in Bacska Topla. It can happen to any team to have such a bad night, which included terrible managerial choices and a group of players who performed below the circumstances. After all, it’s not something that happens often at Olympiakos. 15.5 years ago he had conceded four goals for the last time in the league, in that 4-0 AEK at OAKA with Rivaldo.

However, we know very well that “must” always accompanies coaches and footballers, regardless of whether a team is under construction or not. And this “must” will accompany the people of Piraeus to London and Tripoli. In conclusion, Martinez and the players are called upon to react immediately, so that they can win back the world, not to disturb the dressing room more (the truth is that yesterday they had not recovered from Rentis) and above all to avoid the possibility of introversion.

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