Commitment by Ivan Savvidis for Nea Toumba and training

Commitment by Ivan Savvidis for Nea Toumba and training
Commitment by Ivan Savvidis for Nea Toumba and training

Ivan Savvidis egave the signal for developments in the matter of Nea Toumba and the training of PAOKwhile he emphasized the sympathy that exists with Razvan Lucescu.

Under his presidency Ivan Savvidis the meeting took place on Tuesday (07.11). of the PAE Board of Directors PAOK and in it was defined the strategy of “dcephalic the North” in all matters competitive and non-competitive which are open.

The topic of infrastructure fell on the discussion table, with announcements about the training center just around the corner. As for New Toumba, the club strongman reiterated his commitment that the plan will go ahead despite the obstacles.

The update from the Thessalonians:

“A meeting of the Board of Directors of PAEK PAOK was held under the chairmanship of Ivan Savvidis. In the council, the short-term and long-term strategy for all issues and the members of the Board of Directors was analyzed and discussed. were positioned for their responsibility issues.

An overall assessment of the situation was made in the group and the plan of actions going forward, by sector, was agreed.

In more detail, the following topics were discussed:

Infrastructure – all new developments for the training centre, now in the process of being implemented, with announcements of details imminent. The difficulties and redesigns for Nea Toumba, for which Ivan Savvidis’ commitment to move forward, regardless of any unexpected obstacles, was once again expressed.

Competition – PAOK’s goals are always the highest and as Mr. Savvidis said “we agree with Razvan that we must always focus our full attention on the next match”. Mr. Savvidis expressed his willingness to continue the support in January, given that the team responds to the competitions it participates in.

Maintaining the important position of PAOK at the beginning of Greek football. “We have succeeded in being a key pole in Greek football, without whose approval no change can proceed anymore. Our own battles changed the landscape and these battles will last forever, in order for Greek football to become more and more fair. We cannot be complacent.”

Relationship with fans: Mr. Savvidis asked for an absolutely healthy climate in and around Toumba. He specifically emphasized that “the era needs the maximum possible rallying, faith and support in the team, which will now be in the target of the opponents. We cannot face unnecessary problems and discords. Our goal is to get PAOK back to where it deserves to be and we all have to aim for that. Nothing will be given to us, as it has never been given to us in our history. Everything we achieved we achieved on our own, when we managed to unite all our forces and when we did not give the slightest right to be stopped in oblique ways”.

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