Attack by Islamic hackers on Maccabi’s website – The message they left and the photo that scared Israel


Maccabi Tel Aviv’s website was cyberattacked by hackers, who left images and messages in favor of the Palestinian people, while informing that “the victory of Allah is near.”

Exactly one month has passed since the… return to war reality between Israel and to Palestine. On October 7, the sirens of war began to sound and have not stopped since then, while the number of victims is increasing daily.

The Israeli operation has been going on for the last few days “Iron Swords” which aims at the disappearance of the Islamic organization Hamas, however, it does not seem that we are at the end of a bloody conflict, but rather we are getting closer to its climax and its tragic consequences.

The competitive action has apparently “frozen” in the Middle Eastern country, while the teams that have European obligations, either these are postponed, or the clubs are trying to find a headquarters far from Israel, but also Turkey, which is inhospitable to them.

The attacks from the two opposing sides continue and recently include not only military raids, but also… online ones. Specifically Islamic hackers attacked her website Maccabi Tel Aviv and even the post they made on the “people’s group” website was threatening.

A photo of a Palestinian fighter (or at least a fighter with Palestinian insignia) was posted and the accompanying caption read: “Allah’s victory is near”. At the same time, the site was filled with threatening messages and reports of support for Hamas, but also for the residents of the Gaza Strip.

Maccabi Tel Aviv will welcome Bayern in Belgrade without people in the stands

Also, in addition to the website of Israel’s most historic and successful team, its respective websites also “collapsed” Maccabi Netanya and her Hapoel Ber Sheva. I was down for three hours and then they came back online after the random and threatening posts had been deleted.

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