Alteration with the seal!

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What happened on Saturday night in Kaisariani was clearly result manipulation! I agree with most of what many of you will be quick to say or write… Her appearance AEK it was blasé, its image was not satisfactory according to the standards we are used to the team, issues appeared again at the end of the phases…

But find me the regulation that says if you are not good you are NOT ENTITLED to get what you should? There is no such regulation. In football, even if you’re a triathlete, if you’re lucky or skilled, for example, you can win a match. And the match in Kaisariani was a match, not the championship.

After the match I wrote that you have to “clean up” these games. I’m not changing my mind. And I’m glad that AEK itself didn’t look for excuses. But it is one thing the draw with Panserraikos where AEK paid for its failure, another the defeat by OFI where AEK was bad and another thing the mess with Kifissia where no matter how bad AEK was there was an alteration of the result!

Yesterday, today there wouldn’t have been a -4 issue from the top, if the refereeing had done what it was supposed to do! No matter what some clowns say the lines in Eliasson’s phase are not entered correctly. Because the red line has entered the hand and not the shoulder (and specifically the sleeve of the Swede’s jersey! The line on Vafeas is entered correctly and the rest of Eliasson does not stick out! Therefore the goal is normal and they were fooled!

Tettey’s hand in the equalizer no one can dispute. See the reaction of the Kifisia player. He doesn’t celebrate AT ALL when Vafeas scores while everyone is running at him. The answer is simple! He knows he’s done something. And the ball reaches the defender from his hand. I don’t mind if they tell me if it’s unintentional. The ball goes to the scorer from his hand, so this way he gains an advantage!

In Pineda’s phase with Olympiakos against Fortunis, the ball went into his hand, three more transfers took place and the goal was disallowed. And now that the scorer has taken the ball off the cuff they are trying to convince us that he does not gain an advantage? Hey, do us a favor…

Let’s go to the end of the penalty phase. Landre doesn’t find the ball at all and trips Garcia. Tsagarakis is two meters away without any obstacle in front of him. Only if you are BLIND do you not see this violation. And let me say that it happened very quickly and he did not take it lightly. Is Fotias in VAR not ashamed to declare himself a professional referee and not call him to do an on field review? The question is purely rhetorical.

The star player from Pella, in Panathinaikos – Panserraikos with the score at 2-0, did not hesitate at all to award the penalty against Sporar, even though he had players in front of him. However, on Saturday night, neither in real time, nor after three replays, he did not… see Garcia’s reversal by Landr and did not call Tsagarakis to review, as Manouchos had done for example in Panaitolikos – Panathinaikos with the score at 0-3 in that Sporar upset.

Manouhos, who is the referee who sent off Mandalo for accidentally kicking Volos. However, in Lamia, he got a yellow card for Sporar’s kick in the stomach of Tzanetopoulos. And in complete cooperation with Polychronis, they “swallowed” the penalty in favor of Lamia in the match with Panathinaikos where they unfairly sent off Araos (because we write it all).

Be that as it may, Mandalos referred them and the KED must punish them in an exemplary manner. There are no “but, my, your, his” here. Nothing else, but the well-known buffoons who every three or so have as a pacifier the fact that Melissanidis controls the refereeing…

So we have and we say. In AEK – Olympiacos, Eliasson is not given a penalty by Kini. In AEK – PAOK, Ozdoev’s penalty was not given to Eliasson. In Kifissia – AEK, Landr’s penalty has not been given to Garcia. Four points were lost because they didn’t give AEK the right to get what it should! As much as the difference from the top of Panathinaikos who has also got three points on paper!

At the same time, Panathinaikos has easily won a penalty outside the area with Asteras Tripoli and Atromitos. At the same time a penalty in favor of Olympiakos has been awarded to Podense in the match against Kifissia and the penalty against Retsu has not been attributed to Vero in the match against Atromitos with the score at… 3-0.

So if we are to have such arbitrations by the Greek referees, don’t save and never whistle! A thousand times to find ten Brich so that we don’t even have suspicions and spoil our evenings…

PS: I don’t know if some people think they should wear tin panties (as they wrote). In any case, I wrote about competitive wetness and their striptease was seen by the whole of Greece! It is a fact that they still haven’t digested it. And because they beat Olympiakos, they once again tipped the scales in their favor! For history, they have done 13 doubles and two in the Cup, a total of 15. AEK in Faliro has 16 in the league and five in the Cup. 21 total…

For the little ones, to be more specific, they probably have a hard time admitting that they can’t even sit on the Tumba chairs (and especially on the very… high ones)! After all, that’s why they kicked them after last year’s goal by Araucho, just as they kicked those of Panthessalikos… They haven’t seen Nea Philadelphia’s yet…

PS 2: Some are not particularly famous for their intelligence. This is how they informed us yesterday that: “As he is wronged, he is punished”. First of all, in the correct Greek it is: “Whoever wrongs them is punished”. And yes, guys! Anyone who wrongs any group must be punished! What should they do to reward him?

PS 3: AEK has in front of it the “final” with Marseille. The celebration basically starts from… tomorrow. Be that as it may, this match has a huge “must” and everyone must present themselves as befits the history of AEK!

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