Panathinaikos: The offensive polyphony of the “clover” with 13+1 scorers

Panathinaikos: The offensive polyphony of the “clover” with 13+1 scorers
Panathinaikos: The offensive polyphony of the “clover” with 13+1 scorers

The “polyphony” of Panathinaikos in scoring and the reasons why there has been a significant improvement in this area.

The impressive goal of Filip Mladenovic in the match against Lamia, with which he opened the scoring in favor of his team, he increased the list of “green” scorers for this season to 13, a number that is not small for the time of the season we are in, especially if you consider that last year the “clover” finished its season with so many.

We mentioned earlier in the season in his team’s impressive offensive… versatility Ivan Jovanovich, which of course is also due to the fuller roster he has this year, which allows the Serbian coach to make a larger rotation. By dividing the time of participation, it achieves both the reduction of the fatigue that accumulates in those with consecutive matches, while at the same time keeping happy those who are not considered to be the main team at any given time.

Also, an important factor that also helped to increase the number of scorers of the team is the greater productivity and efficiency of Panathinaikou in the attack. Last year the team scored 1.29 goals per game out of 1.65xG (the value of their chances) they reached per match while this year they score 2.17 goals per game and reach 1.84xG per match according to Wyscoutthe leading football analysis platform.

In this we must take into account that this improvement of the “greens” has occurred, even though they have given more difficult games, since they already count nine European matches, which were not on the “menu” last year.

Last year the “clover” ended the season with 54 goals in 42 games, while this year he already has 39 in 18 games (the fate of the one with Olympiakos is pending). So let’s see his 13 players Panathinaikou who have scored this season.

The 13 scorers of the “trefoil” and the number of goals they have scored:

  • Sporar 8
  • Ioannidis 7
  • Bernard 4
  • Juricic 4
  • Palasios 3
  • Verbich 2
  • Geremegev 2
  • Cherin 2
  • Mancini 2
  • Mladenovic 1
  • Magnuson 1
  • Arao 1
  • Aitor 1
  • Vaiannidis 1**

*If someone does the addition, they will notice that the number of these goals is 38, because there is also an own goal, scored by Deligiannidis in the match against Panserraikos.

**This list could be longer by one player and currently o Panathinaikos to have surpassed his last year’s performance, if we counted his goal as well Giorgos Vagiannidiswhich was achieved in the derby with Olympiakos, which was however discontinued and now the fate of the fight, and of its goal by extension, will be decided by the decision of the EPO Appeals Committee.

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