PAOK: The answer given by Loucescu was heard as far as Savvidis

PAOK: The answer given by Loucescu was heard as far as Savvidis
PAOK: The answer given by Loucescu was heard as far as Savvidis

November 6, 2023 – 4:55 p.m

What PAOK did in Karaiskakis was a personal vindication, victory and response of Loutsescus. Ivan Savvidis also heard them.

He didn’t have an easy week Razvan Lucescu. There was questioning and questioning. What will he do? Ivan Savvidis in regards to his contract in case there is no good result against Olympiakos; His strong man got his answer PAOK and all of us.

Back to the wall. With all the pressure on him. The famous saying: PAOK of the derbies does not get a championship. With the same accountability for what he declares. Both outwardly and inwardly PAOK. These conditions are difficult for a coach.

For Razvan Lucescu they are ideal. These are the ones he likes. The ones that no one expects. The presence of his team in Karaiskakis, the way he himself approached the match, is to be taught. The 4-2 final was a terrible and historic loss.

THE Ekong… out of the group. Kenziora in the stoppers. The weak link in other matches, the Polish defender, was the part that was missing in the build and in the confidence that PAOK wanted to feel in defense.

Of course, with Brandon Thomas and not Samata. Without the experienced, Vieirania and Schwab. Without even having Meite and Ozdoev who played in the midfield on their best day. Taking a risk, at least for the communication part. Constantelias outside, Murg inside.

The Austrian was probably the best in the field. His movements between the lines, the way he helped the defense, always being close to his teammates to give support. His transitions in defense and attack. Where was he hiding this ace up his sleeve…?

The best, of course, came when Martinez decided to play without a third midfielder and without… left back. THE Lucescu he saw the opportunity and did not let it go to waste. All the counterattacks…reeked of goals. The only mistake was that PAOK relaxed… A resounding response from the entire PAOK organization. But if he wants to chase something big, he has to give more.

However, Ivan Savvidis got the message. He was quick to congratulate Lucescu after the match without delay…


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