Panathinaikos of mistakes beat PAOK of problems Blog – Fotis Karakousis

Panathinaikos of mistakes beat PAOK of problems Blog – Fotis Karakousis
Panathinaikos of mistakes beat PAOK of problems Blog – Fotis Karakousis

Panathinaikos beat PAOK in Pylaia with 3-2 and Fotis Karakousis writes about the second derby of the Volley League which was won by the “greens”, with the “black and white” on the other hand winning the impressions.

The truth is that having seen the first derby in Renti, where Olympiacos won 3-0 against PAOK and having become known the problem of the “double-head of the north” with its absence Thomas Rousseau, there were not a few who expected to see an easy passage of him Panathinaikou from Palace in the big game of the 2nd matchday. The “greens” were the big favorites not for the victory, but for the three points and why they don’t need the time of the “black and white” to become a team, as this year there have been very few changes, especially in the starting six, but also because the opponent played without its basic extreme.

Would you say that one player makes such a big difference? The issue with his absence Belgian which will certainly not continue in the Thessaloniansis that he played as an extreme Kokkinakis and so the home team lost their main libero, who by all accounts is the best in the league in this position (the Konstantinidis who played main is a libero and good, but sure Menios is not). With all this, plus the difference in the depth of the roster anyway, his band Dimitris Andreopoulou seemed like the big favorite for the three-pointer.

A title he did not confirm on the field. The “clover” got the victory by beating Josko Milenkoski’s team 3-2, which in turn won the impressions. The “black and white” in a week that seemed clearly unprepared, showed a much better face despite the problems, fighting almost all the sets and getting a point that even they didn’t think they would get.

Okay, to criticize from the second matchday is terribly early, but on the other hand we are writing about the games we see and took place and it is impossible to know the future. In Gate we saw one Panathinaikos to take a difficult game that if someone looks at the numbers, knowing Xenalem and the problems, he would not believe that the match came 2-3.

The “greens” had 13 blocks against 8 of the “black and whites”, they had 54% in attack, compared to 41% of their opponents (a very big difference for a derby), they had 38% in excellent receptions with the home team having 27% (in receptions overall it was 65%-47% for the guests), while Panathinaikos had 4 against 3 in the aces. Seeing these numbers, if you haven’t seen the match and don’t know how much it came, you will think that the team with this big difference in he won the match comfortably in all areas of the match.

However, even in volleyball, the numbers don’t always tell the truth. It can also be called it, when we include errors in the numbers. The “greens” committed 34 errors, of which 23 were from the service position, while the hosts had a total of 26 and 17 from the end line. Mistakes were a big factor in this 2-3. The hosts, who knew their weaknesses, entered with the logic of doing as little as possible, especially after the premiere against Olympiakos when in just 3 sets they had scored a total of 30 with 22 being from the service position.

Volleyball is a game of mistakes and whoever makes the least, has the best chance of making something good. THE PAOK he did the least and the best he could get, the point that is, he got it, against a team that was better in all other areas, but gave a lot of points to his opponent without him having to break a sweat. Of course, nothing has been decided, we are still at the beginning and the teams with more games will get better and offer us big games, especially the three who will fight for the title, because it will be a miracle if someone else gets between them.

PS: THE PAOK with the given reinforcement with a foreign extreme will improve another. And because the goal is to get a player who threatens more than last year Day and thus he will be freed Van den Dries and he won’t need to take 60 attacks every match.

PS1: To Panathinaikos much will be decided by his return Ierethuelo. Of course, if the Cuban is the passer who makes the difference raises a lot of debate, especially when the main opponent has him Travisbut on the other hand no one expected the development with him Ep. And of course there is also the January transfer window for corrective moves, if of course they are needed.

PS2: Their battle is great Hernandez and Van den Driesvery good appearance of Van Harderen, Kovar and lead singer, but the show was stolen by Kokkinakis. After years of competing as a libero, he played in his old position and only did poorly.

PS3: From the three groups o Olympic shows this period by far the most ready. Having played in his 1st qualifying round Champions League and waiting for the second to pass to the groups, the Piraeus they are so close that at no point has it been seen that they fight without Stern who is their main diagonal.

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