The empty stands record the biggest problem for Mars! Fewest tickets in six years

The empty stands record the biggest problem for Mars! Fewest tickets in six years
The empty stands record the biggest problem for Mars! Fewest tickets in six years

Aris did not… appear in the second half of the game against Atromitos, suffering a competitive blackout that resulted in a bitter defeat. Disappointment, concern for the image of the team and disapproval from the fans make up the scene of the “next day”.

The last whistle of Diamantopoulos found Aris knowing a heavy defeat – retreat… Already shortly before the final whistle there were slogans against PAE and the players, which became even more intense as the match ended. PAE Aris was in the spotlight and not only, with people justifiably overflowing with disappointment…

It is obvious that the world of Aris has “emptied”… And it has “emptied” because in the last years it had been created with great effort and many difficulties, a team that at least played attractive football and claimed more and more things. But in a short period of time, he presents an unattractive image, a consequence of the mistakes of this summer: selection of Terzis, lack of preparation, failures in transfer planning.

Amidst all this came the many problems of injuries: Aris counts a total of ten injured, of which at least 7-8 could be described as “eleven” players! It is difficult to find something similar in this year’s Super League in another team.

Along with the people who have “emptied”, the stands also get emptier in every game… The world is not convinced that something will change for the better, so it is slowly but surely turning its back. And this is a bigger problem than a loss against Atromitos or the fact that the team has only 14 points after ten competitive turns.

It is no coincidence that Aris has the fewest tickets in six years this year, with an average of 5,630. And based on the surrounding atmosphere, it is possible that this number will fall even further.


Season 2022-23: m.o. 7,449,

Season 2021-22: m.o. 6,348 (due to restrictive measures in many games only 1,000 tickets were issued).

Season 2020-21: matches were played behind closed doors.

Season 2019-20: m.o. 10,265

Season 2018-19: m.o. 8,919.

At the center of everything is Thodoros Karypidis, who justifiably receives the “arrows” of criticism for the bad texts. He is, after all, at the “helm”, he is called upon to make decisions that will correct the bad image and bring Mars on a path of reorganization. It is a mission called upon to carry it out successfully… There is no other way.

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