NPS Veria sinks – Another home defeat by PAOK Kristonis!

NPS Veria sinks – Another home defeat by PAOK Kristonis!
NPS Veria sinks – Another home defeat by PAOK Kristonis!

The “blue and red” continue to be in the last place of the standings and it is very difficult to show that they will be able to react.

The visitors were more threatening in the game and in the 17th minute they scored their winning goal with Kyriakidis. From then on, the Beriotes tried to equalize, they put some pressure mainly in the replay, but they did not manage to find the way to the net, knowing for another match the defeat.


10′ Counterattack for Veria from the right, with Melikiotis unable to find Gratsianos and the opportunity being lost.

12′ A shot by Agathagelidis from a lateral position in the Veriotiki area, Kandimoiris made a difficult save.

17′ The guests went out on the counterattack, catching the Veriot defense in their sleep (there were protests about the referee’s previous whistle), with Kyriakides sending the ball into the Kandimoiris net with a diagonal shot for 0-1!

30′ After a corner by Agathagelidis, Kyriakidis at the second post with a close shot could not beat Kandimoiris who made a save.

49′ After a corner, Trifinopoulos shot at the 2nd post but the ball hit the legs of the defenders and was saved!

51′ Toufa’s cross from the right, Papatzikos caught the aerial shot but the opponent’s goalkeeper saved it without much difficulty.

65′ A powerful shot by Melikiotis just outside the area, Sakalidis made a difficult save

75′ Kyranas tried to hang Kandimoiris who kicked in a corner.

The referee of the match was Drakidis from Xanthi, with assistants Traouda (Pieria) and Bolis (Grevena).

NPS VEROIA (Ant. Papatzikos): Kandimoiris, Haviaropoulos (Lafaras 73′), Vasilakakis (Ketoglou 81′), Tzimogiannis, Jordan, Gratsianos (Hatzipantos 81′), Panagiotidis (Michailidis 46′), Melikiotis, Papatzikos, Ze Esono, Toufas (Yagtzidis 56′).

PAOK KRISTONIS (V. Pamboridis): Sakalidis, Kyriakidis (73′ Kyranas), Mavrokephalidis, Efthymiadis, Agathagelidis (89′ Schultz), Trifenopoulos, Aivazis, Pavlidis, Hatziliadis, Triantafyllidis (89′ Matzaris), Mouratidis.



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