AEK 2nd – Niki Volos 0-3: emphatically passed “Serafeidio” and continued the streak

AEK 2nd – Niki Volos 0-3: emphatically passed “Serafeidio” and continued the streak
AEK 2nd – Niki Volos 0-3: emphatically passed “Serafeidio” and continued the streak

Niki Volou scored its third consecutive victory in the championship of the Northern Group of SL2, winning away from home with an emphatic 3-0 victory over AEK B’. Return to victories for Campaniakos who won 1-0 against Apollon Pontos.

Niki Volou climbed to the 5th place in the scoreboard of the Northern group of Super League 2, which scored its third consecutive victory in the league by beating “Serafeidio” with a double (0-3) over AEK B’.

In the first half, AEK B’ could not look threatening at almost any point against Niki Volou, which was the one that had the finals, however, finding Ginis ready. First in the 25th minute with a shot by Giora and then in the 32nd minute with a direct foul by Ribeiro, with the yellow and black goalkeeper saying “no” in both cases.

Voliotes finally took the lead in the 65th minute. After a team effort, Ribeiro with an excellent side pass from the area found the net making it 0-1 for Niki. The visitors sealed the double in the 77th minute when Miranda, who had gone through a change with a nice individual energy, entered the area and scored Gini, making it 0-2.

In the 87th minute, with an excellent shot by Kassos, who put the… icing on the cake, Niki Volou scored the final 0-3, emphatically passing “Seraphideio”.

AEK B: Ginis, Katsikas, Kosidis, Chrysopoulos, Georgeas, Radonia, Roukounakis (67′ Sampanatzovics (72′ pt. Paneras), Andrikopoulos (67′ Kontopoulos), Lamarana, Christopoulos (83′ Stamoulis), Tiei (83′ Moustakas).

Victory of Volos: Garavelis, Kassos, Anastasiou, Bahanak (55′ lt. Gromitsaris), Andreou, Kyriakidis, Panagiotidis, Gavrielidis (55′ Litainas), Ribeiro (79′ lt. Topalidis), Kritikos (64′ Miranda), Tzioras (64′ Morar).

Kampaniakos – Apollon Pontou 1-0

An important victory for Campaniakos, with the Chalastra team winning 1-0 against Apollon Pontos, thus reaching 6 points. With this three points, he rose to 7th place, while the Pontians, having only 1, remained at the bottom of the standings.

In his match, everything was decided in the second half. Initially in the first the two teams were tied at zero. In the replay, however, Pozoglou scored the winning goal for his team with a shot in the 66th minute.

Scorer: 66′ Pozoglou

KAMPANIAKOS (Ilias Sapanis): Giakoumis, Frosynis, Bousis, Papasterianos, Proskynitopoulos, Sarvanidis, Totska, Eppas, Pozoglou, Manios, Youkoudis.

APOLLON PONTOU (Cyril Kali): Kinali, Kalogeris, Tjalosi, Abudou, Amarantidis, Lampiris, De Tomas, Mumin, Kardaris, Aguado, Kazau.

Schedule and results of the 7th Northern Group competition:

Saturday (4/11)

PAOK B’ – Renaissance Karditsa 2-0
Iraklis – Levadeakos 0-1

Sunday (05/11)

Kozani – AEL (16:00)
Kampaniakos – Apollon Pontou 1-0
AEK B’ – Niki Volos 0-3

The rating

1. Levadeakos 18 (6 matches)
2. AEL 11 (6 matches)
3. Kozani 10 (6 matches)
4. PAOK B’10 (7 matches)
5. Victory of Volos 9 (5 matches)
6. Macedonian 9 (6 matches)
7. Rebirth of Karditsa 8 (7 matches)
8. Campaniakos 6 (5 matches)
9. Hercules 5 (5 matches)
10. Aeolik 5 (5 matches)
11. AEK B’3 (5 matches)
12. Apollon Pontou 1 (5 matches)
13. Almopos Aridaia 0 (0 matches)

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