‘If you ask me one more time I’ll leave, life is now’

‘If you ask me one more time I’ll leave, life is now’
‘If you ask me one more time I’ll leave, life is now’

05.11.2023 | 21:40

Razvan Lucescu in his commentary on Cosmote TV

Razvan Lucescu in his first comment after PAOK’s victory over Olympiakos spoke of the intelligence shown by his players to reach victory in a difficult game.

PAOK made a big double in “G. Karaiskakis” over Olympiakos, winning 4-2 with Razvan Loucescu expressing his satisfaction after the end of the match.

The Romanian coach, who was asked twice about the reaction of his team after the defeat by AEK and noted that this was something that happened and passed, characteristically told the Cosmote TV camera:

“Reaction, non-reaction. I don’t want to talk about reaction because it was a defeat in 19 games. We played all the games under a lot of mental pressure. We couldn’t make a single mistake because we would be out of Europe. Everyone else lost in the qualifiers and they had something else to look forward to and they are in Europe. That’s how football is. I don’t want to talk about a reaction.”

How did PAOK erase the defeat by AEK?

“If you ask one more time I will leave. Football is now, life is now. In football it can happen. What will they do to Olympiakos? Because they lost 4-2 will they give up? Will the world end? Will they go to tomorrow. It was a game where the players were well prepared, we were focused.

We were pretty good regularly against a good team, a quality team. Pihe beat West Ham ten days ago. It wasn’t easy. We got all the tough times under control. The game was not easy. When we had the chance we had the intelligence to turn the ball over and score, it was not an easy game at all.”

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