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The shocking gel and the swelling problem! Evangelos Michos writes why the game against Marseille cost two more points in the league for the Yellow and Blacks, stands by the hero of Kifissia who is a former goalkeeper of Panathinaikos and gives extra exclusive information on the future of the young Parma full-back ahead of January.

AEK’s fight with the newly enlightened Kifissia is indeed shocking and the way it happened is literally funny. Especially with the 11 (due to absences) that Yannis Anastasiou had brought down, it was not… foreseen. But when you can’t score from the first half or make it 0-2 and lock it while you have so many phases and the momentum, it makes sense to go into a suicidal process in the end.

Unbelievable and yet, true, the… “Caesarian block” for the yellow and blacks, who lost several goals again and made… a former Panathinaikos goalkeeper, Anagnostopoulos (from Pitzirikas and until 2016 in Koropi, certainly) a hero will be … deified by the greens)!!!

AEK was not serious this time, the extended rotation confused them and somewhere from Almeida to most of their players, they did not measure/calculate the opponent correctly. Perhaps because the crucial match against Marseille is coming, the result of which may determine to a large extent their fate in the group….I have written it before: AEK is currently putting weight on Europe, which is especially visible when in league theoretically plays easier matches, because in derbies it appears as it should.

A problem for AEK, which is swelling, is that it does not get goals from its centre-forwards, Ponce and the returned Levia Garcia. When Panathinaikos messed up the match in Lamia (tie, Araos sent off), Sporar “cleaned up” coming from the bench. And one last thing: last year AEK lost in Rizoupoli to the “friendly” Volos of Beu. And today he laughed in Kaisariani with Pritsa’s “friendly” Kifissia!!! Jokes from … conspiracy theorists

ZAGARITIS: His contract with Parma ends next June and indeed from January 1st he can sign for a team of his choice. Although this season he has made more appearances than the previous ones (a total of 8), starting and starting, he gradually “stuck” back on the bench (in the last 6 matches), in the Italian team that is in the championship and seems to be the No. 1 favorite to go up /return to Serie A. Apparently, “Zagar” also has no prospect in Parma to renew, while he himself, approaching 23 years of age, wants to play more. Somewhere here comes the scenario of his return to… Superleague. Something that could have been done this summer on behalf of Aris (he himself refused) or last year (2022) for Olympiakos. In the fresh news, Zagaritis now has a very serious possibility of leaving Parma for January.

In Greece, however, if he comes, it will NEVER happen either… Vagiannidis (return to Panathinaikos), nor… Alexandropoulos (move to Olympiakos). What I am writing to you is true. However, there are possibilities for AEK! As I understand, the Champions were interested in knowing the… status of the international Greek left-back in Parma, although under what conditions he can leave. Which means that Voiotos is considered as a solution, with the “yellow and black” data shopping in the winter bazaar left back! Let’s not forget that Zagaritis is a client of Paul Koutsoliakou’s Rogon, which has Mukudi and Galanopoulos at AEK…

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