“I did nothing” by Araos in… the discovery of Manuchos (vid)

“I did nothing” by Araos in… the discovery of Manuchos (vid)
“I did nothing” by Araos in… the discovery of Manuchos (vid)

Willian Arao could not believe that the referee Manouhos sent him off in a phase where he did not even have contact with Akounia of Lamia and left Panathinaikos with ten players!

THE Willian Arao he’s faced a lot in his career, though he had no idea by the Greek referees. In “Athanassios Diakos”, the Brazilian defensive midfielder he learned the worst way what they have experienced teammates of, which belong to Panathinaikos from the previous season.

Arao was expelled in the 83rd minute with a second yellow card, in a phase that he had collected in time his leg and did not even touch him Swing. However, the Manouhosdespite being close, dismissed the 31-year-old Panathinaikos midfielder and gave numerical advantage in Lamia.

The Brazilian literally, he couldn’t believe it what happened. He just saw her red of Manuchos, monologued “I did nothing. Nothing. Nothing». In Greek translation: “I did not do anything. Nothing. Nothing». With the replay to justify fully Arao’s words.

Arao it didn’t go away right away for the locker room expecting to be vindicated by the VAR. The football player of Triphyllio needed some to he realizes that in this case, not provided from regulation the control from Instant Replay.

Yiannis Alafouzos recalled in “X” the many injuries to Panathinaikos players last year at “Athanassios Diakos” and wished that the phenomenon would not be repeated.

Unfortunately for him AraoVAR intervenes only in direct discharges. The second yellow card belongs clearly to crisis of the referee and Manouhos fell for one huge error.

Arao went inconsolable in the locker room, because he left his teammates with ten in the field. It was also the second game in a row that the Brazilian starred in a negative incident after his fight with Mladenovic.

Fortunately, Bernard and Sporard they corrected Manuchus’ fatal mistake and took him out Arao from a dire emotional situation, for which he was not responsible at all…

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