Arao’s secret: He does his hair according to the position he plays

Arao’s secret: He does his hair according to the position he plays
Arao’s secret: He does his hair according to the position he plays

Willian Arao has a habit of changing his hair style depending on the position he is playing in.

THE Willian Arao it was his last addition in time Panathinaikou to strengthen the existing roster (later Nikas was added, who stayed on loan at Levadeiakos). One of the reasons the Brazilian defensive midfielder was acquired is that, apart from his undeniable quality as a player, he has the ability to play in two positions.

THE Arao he can cover in addition to his basic position, which is that of a defensive midfielder, and that of a central defender, a flexibility that proved to be particularly important, after Magnuson’s serious injurywho misses the season, but and that of Palmer-Brownwhose absence has now reached one month and he still hasn’t started training with the team.

The curious thing about the case of the 31-year-old Brazilian defensive midfielder is that you can tell in which position he plays each time depending on how his hair is. Yes, you read that right.

THE Arao every time he plays in the center he has that characteristic afana with which we met him, but when o Ivan Jovanovich starts him in a stopper position, as happened for example with Olympiakos or Panserraikos, then he appears on the field with his hair caught.

The only exception to his habit is playing with him Star in Tripoliwhere he started as a defensive midfielder and then took a position in the stoppers, when he entered the game Ruben Perez in place of Jedvai in the 82nd minute. Then the Brazilian, either because he forgot or because there were about fifteen minutes left in the delays, did not grab his hair, as he usually does when he competes there.

No one knows if it’s something he’s doing for practical reasons or if he’s doing it for… a charm, but it’s definitely something you don’t often see from a footsucker and seen with his hair style.

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