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Two strong names from the NBA on the list of the coach, who understands that he must soon proceed with an addition that he did not count on. What happens with absences and injuries, but also the budget of the Angelopoulos.

Olympiacos lost to Panathinaikos, but disaster did not come. Piraeus are last year’s double winners, they remain the best Greek team and one defeat in a derby is not going to send them to the other end. Moreover, in the first two derbies this year, which were even more important than the one on Monday, they prevailed over their great rival.

However, this does not mean that there is no concern in the ranks of the “red and white”. They see themselves, especially in the offensive part, that something important is missing. They communicate that there are injury problems, that the best possible preparation has not been done, that it will not take long for McKissick to return. We mentioned, however, that they see reality. That they understand that they lack things on the offensive side.

Olympiacos is monitoring the market and it probably won’t take long to make its move. As Ergin Ataman said, Piraeus were also in the running for the acquisition of Kendrick Nan. However, once Panathinaikos entered, they were out of luck, as they would never pay the money that the six-star gave.

It is not excluded, however, that Olympiacos will go for high since the moment, that the story with Luke Sikmas does not progress. When Shikma played, he looked far from his best self. Things got worse as he was injured and unable to help. And Olympiacos cannot progress with Peters, Milutinov and Fal. It doesn’t come out numerically.

In the last few hours there has been a rumor about Philip Petrushev. The Serbian power-forward, who until last year played for Red Star. The Clippers, who got him from the Sixers in the James Harden trade, were rumored to be cutting him. They did no such thing. They gave him a while ago to the Kings of Wezenkov and it remains to be seen how the “kings” of Sacramento will manage him.

Kem Birch also remains free (photo below). Olympiacos, however, does not want a classic center. He needs either a combo guard, who is a scorer, (like the player Terence Davis, that is) or a tall one like Petrusev, who plays both outside and inside the basket.

If the bad performances and especially the defeats continue, then it will be very difficult for Giorgos Bartzokas not to make a move from the magical world of the NBA.

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