Panathinaikos: Nan and the latest addition bring departures…

Panathinaikos: Nan and the latest addition bring departures…
Panathinaikos: Nan and the latest addition bring departures…

THE Panathinaikos after the victory in SEF over him Olympiakou announced the acquisition of Kendrick Nunn, who will be the “partner” of Kostas Slukas in the shamrock region.

The American former NBAer found everything with the greens with a rich contract for 8 months and is expected in Greece, in order to be integrated into the roster and put at the disposal of Ergin Ataman.

In fact, Nan will not be the only addition of Panathinaikos, since within the next few days he is expected to announce another transfer that will be the one that will close the green roster. However, Nan and the latest move show that it is not… the beans in the clover when it comes to foreigners and players who will be eligible to participate in the Basket League.

Ataman has to manage a roster with 8 foreigners after the acquisition of Nan, who are expected to be , since the player who will be acquired after the American will hardly be Greek, or with a Greek passport.

The foreigners at the given time in Panathinaikos are Vildosa, Nan, Grant, Guy, Grigonis, Hernangometh, Lessor and Balcherovski and as one can understand the most likely scenario is that at least one of them will be “cut” by Ataman, so that he becomes more the whole functional.

Panathinaikos currently has five foreigners who are confident and of course it is Nan, Grant, Grigonis, Hernangometh and Lessor, with the last 4 being the ones who show that they can cope.

So if the greens decide that someone will indeed be “cut” it will be one or two of Vildosa, Guy and Balcerovski. The Argentinian guard has not shown what they expected in Panathinaikos, he has been sidelined for quite some time due to injury, while he was “cut” due to discomfort and from the SEF derby.

Guy is a “killer” who has many ups and downs, but also did very well in the match against Olympiakos, while the Polish center, although he fights, is very “soft” as a player and this creates problems. So there are two scenarios.

One is for Panathinaikos to continue with 8 foreigners who will soon become 9 and change 3 players in the Basket League. But a scenario that does not gather many possibilities. The second and most likely is that at least one and maybe two players from the three we mentioned above will leave, with Vildosa looking like the most likely and Balcherovski also close to a loan, especially if Panathinaikos gets another player. Everything will become clear in a few days, but regarding the Pole there are already rumors about his loan to Vassilis Spanoulis’ Peristeri.

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