AEK: The aggressive axis and the midfield that makes the difference

AEK: The aggressive axis and the midfield that makes the difference
AEK: The aggressive axis and the midfield that makes the difference

AEK’s midfield is its strong “paper” in the blocking and creative part and its clean forwards have not yet entered the equation strongly.

The roster depth her AEK in quantity and quality it is capable of surpassing any absence. It has been confirmed in several matches since the start of the season as despite the fact that key players are missing in different positions and lines every time, Matias Almeida finds the solutions effectively. The same thing happened in the last match against PAOK, with AEK putting on its best performance this year, picking up last year’s pace and faithfully serving the plan of “Pelados”. At the same time, it was once again confirmed how much AEK consistently gets from its dominant midfield.

Combat axis with recoveries and second balls

The duo of Shimansky and Johnson works great on axle. Both goals against PAOK start from their blocking actions by regaining possession, as Almeida requests. The Polish midfielder even made perhaps his best appearance in the yellow and black jersey, “swallowing” everyone in the center. The toughness they both bring to Union’s defensive behavior in midfield combined with their contribution to the first pass, either with close passes or diagonal balls are elements that make the difference. With his presence Pinedawho when he plays in the specific area raises the level of the yellow and black, with Latch which responds excellently to the circulation of the ball when he plays in the “8”, but also with his participation Galanopoulos which helps either when coming off the bench or when used as a starter, AEK get a lot from this vital area of ​​the pitch.

So what if she’s got four goals from her forwards?

AEK is in a bad situation of having its “super ship” out of most of its games so far, who is none other than Levi Garcia. From the forwards, including him Araujo in this category despite not being used by Almeida often at the top, but in the new role he had given him behind the striker, AEK have taken two goals from Ponce and two more from “Chino”. Four in total. Despite all that, he has found 23 goals from defense and midfield! It is understood that when Levi García returns soon and catches up to last year’s standard, and when Ponce starts to find goals with more frequency as he is fed even more inside the “box”, AEK will increase its productivity and imagine even more more visible to the opponent offensively.

The polyphonic and creative midfield line

We have and say… O Cumber with four goals and two assists, being the link between midfield and attack continues to make a difference since the second half of last season. As of course the class player who is none other than him makes the difference Pineda with three goals, while Latch has contributed two assists. The left side has given up with him Gacinovic three goals with him Pissarro an assist, while the right throws fires, with the Eliasson to not only serve – as he knows how to do perfectly with six assists – but also to score with the two goals he has found, at the same time that Amrabad he has provided two more goals and two assists so far. At the same time, the axis has also contributed with a goal Johnsonhis two assists Shimansky and a goal and an assist from Galanopoulos.

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