AEK’s decision on the 5-year contract for Zini and Almeida, which made him a winger from the start

AEK’s decision on the 5-year contract for Zini and Almeida, which made him a winger from the start
AEK’s decision on the 5-year contract for Zini and Almeida, which made him a winger from the start

September 18, 2023 – 5:06 p.m

AEK seems to have a new hero this year, Zini! Almeida’s move to make him a winger and the 5-year contract he signed

THE AEK It’s been a strange start to the season. Not only competitively but also based on her results. The tally of 2 wins, 3 draws and 2 defeats is not what the Almeida. Or the world. What is even more impressive (negatively) is that in 4 games at OPAP Arena he has not won a single one.

A win in Zagreb and one in Volos.

Of course, the year still has a long way to go. It’s just the beginning. But there is murmuring. The results are one thing, the exclusion from it is another Champions League from a better team as it turned out (Antwerp) but not a behemoth. Not getting a stopper in time, the injuries.

In general there is grumbling but there is also o Almeida. An embankment in everything, a man serious about his work, a reformer of it AEK data.

But there is also the new football hero on the horizon. THE Zini. The Angolan is not small by European standards. At 21 already. For Greece, however, it is a new point of reference.

THE AEK acquired him about 8.5 months ago, announced him in January 2023. From the team of August 1 in his hometown, but already an international.

The first move was to acquire a loaner with a purchase option. However, his appearances with the (bad last year) AEK B’, but also the way he was training showed promise.

Her next move AEK in the end it was to acquire him with an amount close to 400,000 euros and also to sign him with a 5-year contract. THE Almeida he had singled him out from the club’s second team, shortly after he put him in the first team’s training.

AEK: From forward to winger

THE Zini came to AEK with a reputation as a center forward. In this position he played in the B team, which in 8 games last year did not find a net, but had one assist.

He played twice in last year’s league playoffs with the first team but for very few minutes.

His decision Almeida it was inversely proportional to that for Levi Garcia. His position on the pitch would be that of a left winger. This year he was already changed twice before the derby with Olympiakos.

This also evolved into his, so far, magnum opus. He made the absence of Pissarro to be forgotten. It was AEK’s profit from the derby.

He brought freshness, energy, made even the experienced Rodney exchange jerseys after the match.

This 20 minutes with Olympiakos put him Zini on the Greek football map. The fact that he is not on the European list might work in his favor.

The problem for her AEK is that he will miss him for about a month since it is considered certain that he will be in Angola’s squad for the Africa Cup of Nations (January 13 – February 11).


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