Atromitos’ goal is offside, but… (pics)

Olympiacos took the lead in Peristeri with Cedric Bakabou’s goal (54′), but Atromitos equalized in the 64th minute with Samuel Fridjonsson’s goal and the 19th match ended 1-1, with both teams taking one point each .

The Piraeus side were heavily criticized for their performance in Peristeri and the fact that they failed to get the win that would have closed the gap to four points at the top, but sometimes things are not what they seem.

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This also applies in the case of the Peristeri match. A match in which the VARist, Aristotelis Diamantopoulos, as can be seen from the revealing photo below, has made a mistake in placing the lines on Fridjonsson’s goal!

The referee from Arcadia, who is one of the favorite children of the “consolidation”, was VAR in the match between Olympiakos and Atromitos in Peristeri and had to make a great effort to measure the goal scored by Samuel Fridjonsson.

In the image shown by the subscriber after Atromitos’ goal was conceded (in which the offside line has been placed by VAR), it appears that the Icelandic ace of the home team is covered by the Olympiakos stopper. However, in the revealing photo published by today, which is taken in a straight line and not diagonally, like the VAR one, it is clearly seen that the Atromitos footballer is ahead of the Olympiakos defender.

The goal should have been disallowed for offside, as the home player is ahead of the Olympiakos defender at the moment the pass is made. However, Aristotelis Diamantopoulos made a great effort to play with the lines and make the goal of Atromitos normal. A goal that decided the outcome of the match.

An umpire, who is a favorite of the “remedial” and is constantly appointed by the head umpire, Steve Bennett. The referee from Arcadia, in fact, as can be seen from the Peristeri game, has a talent for drawing with lines. Talent, which seems to be highly appreciated by Giannakis Papadopoulos, who likes painting a lot…

Check out the VAR photo:

And the revelation of “10”:

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