‘At least 8 teams in the EuroLeague have a budget of 20 million euros’

‘At least 8 teams in the EuroLeague have a budget of 20 million euros’
‘At least 8 teams in the EuroLeague have a budget of 20 million euros’

05.01.2023 | 12:07 p.m

Saša Obradović on the Monaco bench

The Monaco coach talked about his team’s budget increase and whether that makes them favorites in the EuroLeague, the possibility of a transfer boost and the persistence of players like Dorsey waiting for an NBA opportunity.

Monaco is at the top of the EuroLeague standings with a record of 11-5 (the same as Baskonia, Barcelona) and will try to get one more win against Partizan (05/01, 22:00, Novasports 5 and LIVE from SPORT24) in Serbia, in the context of the 17th competitive event.

Returning to his homeland, the coach of the Monegasques, Sasha Obradovic, gave an extensive interview to Mozzart Sport, in which, among other things, he spoke about the increase made this year in the team’s budget, about the possibility of transfer support, and about Tyler Dorsey .

“Certainly at least 8 teams in the EuroLeague have a budget of 20,000,000 euros. At least that much. I don’t understand why that makes us a bigger favorite than someone else. There are others who have invested a lot more and are not where they should be and where they wanted them to be. demands of the fans and public opinion. Budget is an important factor but any manager you ask will always lack something. First of all we should be content with what we have and try to get the most out of it. Time will show where this will lead us.

There is interest, we are looking for players, but nothing is certain yet. I don’t even know in which position. As much as we know that we have to be a little better, but the market this year and in previous years is very difficult, the margins to find what you want are very narrow”, said the 53-year-old, among other things.

He also commented on the decision of several players to pursue a position in the NBA: “It’s hard to change the mind of a player who has decided he wants to go to the NBA and is waiting for a 10-day contract. Look at Tyler Dorsey, so many teams want him in Europe, but he wants to stay there. Maybe we should watch narrow the situation and act quickly as a club with someone who will be at the exit door and cannot wait any longer.

In my opinion, it’s a very happy moment, no matter how much money you have, to be able to bring in a player, a real player who can change your season. Red Star did it for example with the two Argentinians (see Vildosa and Cabaso). But it is very difficult to expect that every team will find in the middle of the season a player who will have such an impact.

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