‘Naughty’ monkey grabs jacket, puts it on and leaves passers-by stunned (vid)

‘Naughty’ monkey grabs jacket, puts it on and leaves passers-by stunned (vid)
‘Naughty’ monkey grabs jacket, puts it on and leaves passers-by stunned (vid)

A viral video on TikTok has caused a stir and has made people believe that monkeys are more than just animals.

People are now convinced that “the monkeys they’re human” after incredible footage at TikTok showing the animal taking it off and putting it on jacket emind of man.

The people and the monkeys they are both primates, but they belong to a different order of mammals. In other words, we humans share a common ape ancestor with them chimpanzeesbut humans and chimpanzees evolved differently over time.

However, it’s true that apes do share some common traits with humans, and this can be seen through an incredible new video of TikTok.

@steff_tay Everyone watch George this proves that we were once monkeys for sure! Watch til the very end viral foryoupage fyp fypシ monkey Orangutan dubai dubaizoo george ♬ Chill Vibes – Tollan Kim

In a video uploaded to his account TikTok @steff_tay, we see a man, probably in a zoo, with a monkey staring him down. The “brazen” monkey is seen opening the man’s jacket, with the world around him laughing and shocked.

The monkey then tries to take off the man’s jacket, but has a little trouble, so the man pulls it down slightly to help the primate mammal who is fighting But the monkey he has no trouble removing the rest of his jacket as it falls to the floor.

It is incredible but the monkey, which is apparently named Georgepicks up the jacket and tries to put it on and finally succeeds.

One person can be heard shouting “they’re human”, while the others kept muttering “OMG” as they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

People in his comments TikTok they were equally shocked, with many finding it hilarious. One person said: “I couldn’t do that: Imagine him just zipping up and walking away.”

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