Panathinaikos – Anadolu Efes 86-71: Nice and attractive in the first possible test

Panathinaikos – Anadolu Efes 86-71: Nice and attractive in the first possible test
Panathinaikos – Anadolu Efes 86-71: Nice and attractive in the first possible test

Panathinaikos was attractive in its first match at OAKA and managed to easily beat the European champion Anatolou Efes with 86-71 for the “Pavlos Giannakopoulos” tournament. Six players in double figures, best Walters and Lee.

Maybe in the first friendlies o Panathinaikos presented an average to a bad face, but in the first possible test against the European champion, he got an excellent grade!

The “greens” played attractive basketball at times and despite the fact that they fought without him Marius Grigonis and the… Mateus Ponitka which had been announced shortly before the game jambol with the effects, they made sure to offer beautiful basketball on both sides of the floor.

It is characteristic that the Panathinaikos had six players with double-digit points and Nate Walters and Paris Lee to steal the show with 14 points each with a total of 11/16 shots, 9 assists and “zero” mistakes! Pleasant surprise George Kalaitzakis with 12 points while there was excellent overlap with Papagianni and Gudaitiswho in turn scored 14 points each.

From time to time o Panathinaikos he was excellent in defense and attack, while – understandably – tired from one point on and presented a “belly” during his performance. Even so, he managed to return to the match and despite the fact that Effects reduced to five points, managed to “open” the gap and maintain it until the end.

The match

With the excitement of OAKA and the virgin appearance in front of his audience Panathinaikouthe “greens” started the match with more appetite and energy compared to her Anatolou Effects. It was obvious the intention to make the slightest pass of the Turkish team difficult and at the same time to contest all the shots attempted by the players Ataman. From the moment they managed to control the rebounds, they also took the psychology in the attack.

THE Nate Walters he was the one who gave the trigger holding the “green” baguette, o Derrick Williams took (and finished) the attempts attributed to him while o George Papagiannis was a real… terror for Ephesus. Both in defense where he did not give any easy shots, and in attack. Plus his players Radonic (and basically the Walters and Li) wanted to make the most of ‘Big Papa’ and somehow the difference closed to +11 on his behalf Panathinaikou at the end of the first half (27-16).

Even the second unit used by Montenegro coach (Li, Bohorides, PI. Kalaitzakis, Hoogaz, Gudaitis) did admirably and consistently maintained the difference in double digits. THE Radonic made a rotation of 10 players in the first half (inc. did not compete Manzoukas and Samoturov) with the score index reaching +19 (44-25) three minutes before the end of the half (51-34) A half where the Panathinaikos had 15/23 2-pointers, 5/9 3-pointers and 10 assists (s.s. 3rd Walters and 4 o Li) with just one mistake! At the same time the Effects shot 14/35 inside guys.

Accordingly, in the second half the Effects she tried to raise her own intensity in defense and in turn find easy points in the open court. And he succeeded. THE Andrija Zizic was in the first phase the main exponent of Efes’ offensive actions but after 60-42 from Paris Lee’s three-pointer, he took the situation into his own hands Vasilij Micic, who with consecutive three-pointers “lowered” the difference to nine points (62-53) having made individual scores 11-2! And it didn’t stop there. The difference “fell” to all six points (65-59) just before the end of the 3rd period (67-59).

THE Effects it didn’t stop there either. Again with him Vasilij Micic to take the lead managed to reduce it to all five points (67-62 at 31′), again giving an ambiguous “tone” to the game. But a 6-0 mini-run brought the difference back to +11 for the “greens” and despite the Turkish team’s efforts to reduce, the Walters and George Kalaitzakis they gave a new lead with 82-66 effectively “ending” the assumption of victory.

The quarters: 27-16, 51-34, 67-59, 86-71

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