Greece national team: The only team in the Nations League with zero liabilities (vids)

Greece national team: The only team in the Nations League with zero liabilities (vids)
Greece national team: The only team in the Nations League with zero liabilities (vids)

The “blue and white” keep their clean sheet intact in the tournament, an achievement that no other national team has achieved in all four categories of the tournament.

At Larnaca with the Cyprus will play tomorrow (24/9) h National us, in a game that on paper looks uninteresting for the “blue and white”, since it has already secured the 1st place in its group Nations League. With an automatic consequence of her rise to her above category UEFA but also the second chance he got to qualify for the next one EUROthat is, the “profits” are already many.

However, this does not mean that the “blue and white” will appear indifferent since they want one more victory for many reasons (psychology, ranking, etc.) while the most important thing is that the internationals sent us the “message” that they are able to achieve a lot.

At the same time on the ball everyone, for better or for worse, stays in the goal. This is the quintessence of the sport and the fate of defensive footballers or goalkeepers is to not have the “shine”, in a way, of midfielders and forwards. This is how we have been going for decades now.

He received only 24 finals, few are considered “clean” phases

However, if we pay attention to the data of the competition in all its four categories, a finding emerges that… leads us to… take our hats off to its players Greeceespecially to those of the “back”, as well as the Gustavo Poyet.

What is this? Our representative group is the only one with “zero passive” among the 55 participating, since after four games in the group their goal average is 7-0 in their favor. Immediately after follows the Estonia with one clean sheet (in three matches) and Portugal, Agriculture with two (in four and five games respectively). At the same time, if we remember the matches of the “blue and white” team, we will notice that this record/achievement did not come… by chance. In her games she was very good (also) in the blocking part, while o Odysseus Vlachodemos proved to be a “guardian-angel” whenever called upon to intervene.

More specifically in these matches (two vs Kosovofrom one with N. Ireland, Cyprus) the Hellas it received 24 finals, of which very few can be characterized as “clean” phases.

In the Belfast there were some shots (e.g. of Davis, White) that was neutralized by her goalkeeper Benficaas well as his direct foul execution Lafferty who passed out.

In Pristina the 28-year-old porter said “no” to Zeleny, Rasitsawhile hers is considered to be her biggest opportunity so far in the group Cyprus in the Bulletwhere in transition o Pittas shot wide from an advantageous position (there were also some good moments for the visitors with Christofi, Loizou).

So the “sum” is that the Hellas in the 389′ that lasts so far for that tournament (along with the delays) she keeps a clean sheet and that is a big “prize” for everyone, although a click more the relevant credits go to the defenders.

The 12 goalkeepers, full-backs, stoppers and ‘6-8s’ who have played so far

Let’s also remember who has competed so far in the on-paper inhibitory and generally non-aggressive positions. With the sole exception of the finale of the first match at Northern Ireland The Poet lines up the team with four at the back, while in the axis in front of the central defenders (in 3-4-3, 4-2-3-1, 4-3-3 etc.) players who are not there have also been used their “classic” position (e.g. Mandalos, Bakasetas) but they are considered more… forward. The “pure” goalkeepers, stoppers, backs and “6-8-8s” we have seen are 12, of which Vlachodimos, Black cloth, Chimikas they haven’t “lost” a minute.

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