Nations League: Italy relegated England to League B of Greece, double of Hungary in Germany! (video)

Nations League: Italy relegated England to League B of Greece, double of Hungary in Germany! (video)
Nations League: Italy relegated England to League B of Greece, double of Hungary in Germany! (video)

With a goal from Raspadori, Italy punished the once again disappointing England (1-0), relegating them to League B of the Nations League where Greece now also belongs. Flick’s unbeaten streak was broken by Hungary in Germany and they are aiming for first place (0-1)!

League A

4th group

The top five from Germany in the previous match had convinced many that the Italians will hardly claim the first place until the end. However, against England, Squadra Azzura proved that it remains alive! Dominating for the longest period of the match against the Three Lions, the Italy finally got golden victory 1-0 with his own goal Raspadori and plays a top derby in the last game against the unexpected champion, Hungary. After a barren first half, the hosts picked up the pace and finally found the winning goal in the 70th minute when Raspadori received the ball perfectly from him Bonucci and with a wonderful finish he made the final 1-0. A result that officially marked the relegation of the disheartening England to League B (now her rival candidate Greece), which – as an indication of its disappointing image – remains the only group along with the San Marino who has not scored a goal without a penalty in the entire Nations League.

All streaks have an end. And his era Hansi Philic, who was enjoying an unbeaten run as coach of the Nationale Mannschaft, felt the first “shock”. Germany fell against the wall of the Magyars, defeated in Leipzig (0-1) by the terrible Hungary and broke the streak of 13 games with its new coach, thus definitively losing the lead that leads to its final-four Nations League. The Hungarians had also stopped the Panthers at home in the first game and continued the project from where they left it. Suffocating pressure, energy and very good partnerships resulted in him dominating the first half despite 37% possession and taking the lead with a masterpiece that will long be remembered by Adam Zalai. The Hungarian captain scored with a spectacular overhead kick at the front post and with his back to goal, catching Ter Stegen before surprise. The hosts weren’t storming at any point in the second half either and fatally left with their heads down. On the contrary, Hungary they are favorites for the first place, which they will claim in the last game in the derby with Italy, having the possibility of two results.


Germany – Hungary 0-1
Italy – England 1-0


1. Hungary 10 (8-3)
2. Italy 8 (6-7)
3. Germany 6 (8-6)
4. England 2 (1-7)

Next matchday (26/9)

England – Germany
Hungary – Italy

League B

3rd group

The rise in League A celebrated the Bosniawhich was defeated by 1-0 Montenegro and locked the lead in the third group. THE Demirovic showed his wild disposition early on, breaching the opponent’s net in the 32nd minute, with VAR but to intervene and keep the zero. In 45+1, however, technology could not do anything, when o Demirovic he struck again with clever placement to shape the final score.

At the same time the Finland remained at 1-1 against Romania. Despite his quick lead with a terrific shot Pookiethe visitors found a way to equalize and stay alive in the group with Tanase at 52′, who defeated the opposing goalkeeper with his “nose”.


Bosnia – Montenegro 1-0
Finland – Romania 1-1


1. Bosnia 11 (7-4)
2. Montenegro 7 (6-4)
3. Finland 5 (6-6)
4. Romania 4 (2-7)

Next matchday (26/9)

Romania – Bosnia
Montenegro – Finland

League C

4th group

Promotion to League B for the Agriculture with super Kvaratshelia. Her star Naples and of the Italian championship continued his impressive streak in Nations Leaguesigning the 2-0 victory over North Macedonia that sealed the first for his total Willy Chaniol. From his own action, Georgia opened the scoring in the 35th minute with an own goal Miovski, for “Kvara” to find the net himself in the 64th minute and reach his number of participation in goals in the tournament to 10 (five goals, five assists). At League D instead it is demoted again Gibraltarafter Bulgaria won with a wide 5-1 in the match between them and left them in the last place.


Georgia – North Macedonia 2-0
Bulgaria – Gibraltar 5-1


1. Georgia 13 (14-2)
2. North Macedonia 7 (7-6)
3. Bulgaria 6 (9-8)
4. Gibraltar 1 (2-16)

Next matchday (26/9):

North Macedonia – Bulgaria
Gibraltar – Georgia

League D

2nd group

Definitively at League C will compete Estonia in the next Nations League. In the top-of-the-group derby, the hosts put down their resistance Malta thanks to his goal Anier in the 86th minute, in a match that was preceded by a penalty Rotten and they were playing with ten players from 45+4′. The guests also equalized from the white bullet with Teuma in the 51st minute, but they bowed out in the final. He had a rest San Marino which is condemned to last place.


Estonia – Malta 2-1


1. Estonia 9 (6-2)
2. Malta 6 (5-4)
3. San Marino 0 (0-5)

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