Aris: Solves bans and issues tickets

Aris: Solves bans and issues tickets
Aris: Solves bans and issues tickets

Aris has settled three of his four bans and a settlement remains to be ratified with Viktor Sanikindze as well to overcome the last difficulty in issuing tickets.

The debts of KAE Aris towards the four former athletes would have been paid but the financial planning of last September was not carried out until the end due to the non-collection of money from the taxation of the bet despite the commitments of the competent bodies. The consequence of this situation was that remaining installments were not paid, such as for example the 3rd (out of three in total) in Devin Marble as well as to suspend payment of installments to Victor Sanikindze. Along the way, there were two bans from them Vlado Jankovic and Martinas Getsevicius who are owed money from the 2016-17 and 2019-20 seasons respectively.

Following agreements with Devin Marble, Martinas Getsevicius, two of the four bans were “erased”, an agreement was also reached with Vlado Yankovic – the relevant documents remain to be submitted – while KAE Aris notes that it is a matter of hours to “close” the case of Viktos Sanikindze. As soon as the whole process is completed, that of issuing tickets will automatically run ahead of the first official match, against the Lithuanian Wolves (27/9) in the framework of the qualifying phase of the FIBA ​​Europe Cup.

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