‘We didn’t leave and we didn’t ask for the coach to be fired’

‘We didn’t leave and we didn’t ask for the coach to be fired’
‘We didn’t leave and we didn’t ask for the coach to be fired’

The players of the Spanish national team gave another dimension to their conflict with the country’s football federation, stressing that they did not ask for the dismissal of the coach and that they did not put themselves out of the team permanently.

Spain’s women’s national team appears to be in chaos after it was revealed that 15 players have asked – through emails sent – to leave, after the football federation did not listen to their request for a change of the national coach.

The reason the players called for Jorge Wilda to step down was because they did not trust him to lead the team to success, especially after the failure at Euro 2022, with sporting director Ana Alvarezto make it clear on the part of the federation that it is not willing to succumb to the “blackmail” of the players.

However, it seems that this conflict will have other episodes, with the last one being extremely exciting, with the 15 players clarifying through a written statement that they did not ask for the removal of the coach and that they have not left the team, at the same time denouncing situations that affect the their emotional state.

“In no way have we resigned from the Spanish Football Team as the RFEF points out in its official statement. As we said in our private communication, we have maintained, continue and will continue to maintain an unquestionable commitment to the Spanish National Team.

We have never asked for the dismissal of the coach as commented. We understand that our job is in no way to choose the position in question, but to express in a constructive and honest way what we believe can improve the team’s performance.

Can anyone think that, eight months before a World Cup, a group of top-level players, which is what we consider ourselves, view this decision, as it has been publicly implied, as caprice or blackmail?

By asking not to be invited, we are penalizing our professional careers, our economy and of course continuing to build something important in women’s football. Because it took years of effort from many people to get to where we are right now. And there are still many things that need to be improved as presented recently.

From our ambition as players, fighters and winners, we just want to be able to achieve maximum professional and personal success again. Last but not least, we will not tolerate the infantile tone with which the RFEF concludes its statement.

We regret that in the context of women’s sport we have to go to this extreme, as has unfortunately happened to other national teams and other sports historically worldwide, in order to move forward with a strong and ambitious professional project for current and future generations.” mention among other things in their announcement.

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