Olympiacos – Marcelo: Upheaval with Marcelo – Clear o… – Sportdog.gr – Sports News | News

Olympiacos – Marcelo: Upheaval with Marcelo – Clear o… – Sportdog.gr – Sports News | News
Olympiacos – Marcelo: Upheaval with Marcelo – Clear o… – Sportdog.gr – Sports News | News

The rumors about the extra pounds, the extra training and the big risk. The former Real Madrid superstar has yet to play in a game with Piraeus, although he has also been duly declared on the European list. What happens in training, his physical condition and the opinion of the new coach.

Olympiacos – Marcelo: James Rodríguez made his debut in the Olympiakos shirt and now the team’s fans can’t wait to see Marcelo on the field. After all, this supersonic duo, taken from the “golden” days of Real Madrid, has created huge anticipation among Olympiakos fans.

However, fans will have to be patient for a little while longer, as Marcelo is still not ready to compete.

The Brazilian star is stepping up his training and does not hide his desire to reach the desired levels of fitness as soon as possible. This is evidenced by Marcelo’s posts on social media, with the great ace often expressing his impatience to step on the grass wearing the red and white shirt.

It goes without saying that the entire Olympiakos organization lives for the moment when they will enjoy this huge footballer testifying his quality on the field. On the other hand, it goes without saying that no unnecessary risk is going to be taken!

The Olympiacos people will not fall into the trap of rushing, as they recognize that Marcelo – as great as his class is – has been without a team all summer. Yes, he was working individually, but this is not enough to keep him at full competitive pace, while there were also various rumors that stated that Marcelo came with some extra pounds due to lack of competition.

The 34-year-old ace will make his long-awaited debut only when he is absolutely ready for it. This day is not long. But it is impossible for Mitchell to throw Marcelo on the field earlier than necessary. The last thing Olympiakos would want is to risk injury to the Brazilian superstar, who let’s not forget they paid a fortune to bring to Greece!

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