Maccabi Tel Aviv – Armani Milano 71-80: More ready and more balanced

Maccabi Tel Aviv – Armani Milano 71-80: More ready and more balanced
Maccabi Tel Aviv – Armani Milano 71-80: More ready and more balanced

Armani Milano showed a higher degree of readiness against Maccabi Tel Aviv, which it imposed on OAKA (80-71), in the first game for “Pavlos Giannakopoulos” organized in memory of the iconic administrative leader of Panathinaikos.

Despite the three important absences (Kevin Pangos, Johannes Vogtman, Luigi Datome) and the -12 of the 9th minute, Armani Milano proved to be much more ready than Maccabi Tel Aviv, in the first game of “Pavlos Giannakopoulos” held at OAKA for fourth year. Ettore Messina’s team had more good moments in the 40th minute, clearly more complete partnerships and had no difficulty – from one point onwards – in imposing their pace, appearing to be more… ahead of that of Oded Katas in terms of readiness, two weeks before the start of the EuroLeague.

Something logical, of course, if you consider that the “people’s team” radically changed its skin this summer, along with welcoming Oded Katas back to the position of head coach. By the way, Maccabi Tel Aviv lined up without Lorenzo Brown, who arrived… last in their preparation, due to participation in EuroBasket 2022.

Besides, the management of Maccabi Tel Aviv (a crowd was found at OAKA to honor the memory of Pavlos Giannakopoulos) was welcomed by the new president of KAE Panathinaikos, Vassilis Parthenopoulos.


The race

Maccabi Tel Aviv started the game with a lot of enthusiasm, ran the court at every opportunity and thanks to good three-point percentages (4/7 from 6m75) found a way to take a double-digit lead (24-12 at 9′). Very quickly, of course, the data changed.

Once Armani Milano improved in defensive rebounding and rebounding, it set the stage for a total turnaround. Especially since she got a lot of her highs, especially Jambaolo Ritchie, DeSean Thomas and Niccolò Meli. The three of them made the difference for +14 (42-56) in the 30th minute, having as a worthy supporter – from the region – Naz Mitrou-Long, who had 11 points up to that point.

A lack of communication in attack and poor ball circulation prevented Maccabi Tel Aviv from changing the tempo of the match in the final period, with Armani Milano comfortably holding on to the lead and cruising to a friendly win.

THE DECADES: 24-15, 32-37, 42-56, 71-80.

MACCABI TEL AVIV (Catas): Baldwin 11 (0/3 3-pointers, 5 assists), Martin 2 (5 rebounds), Menko 5 (1), Sorkin, Di Bartolomeo 7 (7/8 shots), Hilliard 18 (1/3 2-pointers, 4 /9 3-pointers, 4/4 shots), Cohen 3, Hollins 11 (3/6 3-pointers), Poythres 12 (6 rebounds), Niebo 1, Zive, Colson 1.

ARMANI MILAN (Messina): Davis 8 (5 rebounds), Thomas 15 (4/6 2-pointers, 1/5 3-pointers, 4/4 shots), Mitrou – Long 19 (3/6 2-pointers, 4/8 3-pointers, 1/1 shot) , Tonut 2, Meli 2 (12 rebounds), Baron 7 (1), Ritchie 13 (3/5 three-pointers), Billiga 2, Hall 7 (1), Baldasso, Alviti 2, Hines 3 (5 rebounds).

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