Silver medal for Papakonstantinou

Silver medal for Papakonstantinou
Silver medal for Papakonstantinou

Antonis Papakonstantinou had an impressive race in the final of the freeweight skiff and won the silver medal at the World Rowing Championships. Fifth place in the corresponding women’s event for Zoi Fitsiu.

After the gold medal that he had celebrated some time ago in Munich and crowned him European champion, Antonis Papakonstantinou offered another important success, another great distinction in Greek sports and particularly in rowing.

He achieved this through his presence in the skiff final free weight class in Raciste, Czech Republic, with the 23-year-old champion taking the silver medal by finishing 2nd behind Gabriel Soares.

Papakonstantinou had a time of 7:05.42 against the Italian’s 7:03.40 who took 1st place, with the Slovenian Hrvat completing the podium with a time of 7:08.66.

“It’s a bit bittersweet after I wanted to win the gold medal. The races have been going well until today, so congratulations to Gabriel. I didn’t feel good in the morning, I didn’t feel myself. This is a high level race so I have to work on it “, said Papakonstantinou.

It is noted that this was the fourth overall medal for our country and third silver, with the gold having been won by Vassilis Polymeros in 2005.

The final ranking:

  • Gabriel Soares (Italy) 07:03.40
  • Antonis Papakonstantinou (Greece) 07:05.42
  • Raiko Hrvat (Slovenia) 07:08.66
  • Batiste Savette (France) 07:18.31
  • Bruno Setraro Beriolo (Uruguay) 07:14.79
  • Andri Struzina (Switzerland) 09:22.42

Zoi Fitsiu was born on Thursday

In the final of the women’s weightlifting skiff, our country was also represented there, with Zoe Fitsiou taking part (2nd in her race in the semi-final) and finishing in 5th and penultimate place with a time of 07:54.21, in a race she won the gold medal went to Romanian Ionela Kozmiuc, and Veldhuis (Netherlands) and Kindle (New Zealand) finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The final ranking:

  • Ionela Cozmiuc (Romania) 07:42.59
  • Martine Veldhuis (Netherlands) 07:44.48
  • Jackie Kindle (NZ) 07:44.98
  • Kirsten Markan (South Africa) 07:48.59
  • Zoi Fitsiu (Greece) 07:54.21
  • Stefania Butignon (Italy) 08:04.26

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